On repeat

The coincidence of posting this outfit in it's almost entire repetition, exactly a year later, is pretty hilarious. But I love that it shows I'm sticking to embracing the commitment to my wardrobe and slow fashion. The same concept as before lies true - I try to make the most of wearing my Summer dresses … Continue reading On repeat

When you want to wear your Summer dress in Winter

I've made a lot of weather compromises this Winter - which has forced me to wear the same boots and pants to combat the rain & cold. Doesn't make for great outfit photos to share. The other day, I said to myself "THAT'S ENOUGH!" I decided to wear this dress I've had hanging for way too … Continue reading When you want to wear your Summer dress in Winter

Orla Kiely dressed up

I have this strange affinity for anything Orla Kiely. If I could, I would buy anything and everything in an Orla Kiely print. But my wallet disagrees with me. It's also quite difficult to find in the US. So I'm collecting pieces little by little! (I'm mildly obsessed with this UK based shop's Instagram because they … Continue reading Orla Kiely dressed up

Those yellow pants

Remember on my last thrifting trip I told you I bought those insanely wrinkled yellow pants? Look what a little TLC can do! I saw the bright potential in these pants, and for inaugural wear....I was confused how to make it work. So I went fairly neutral, especially since the weather doesn't allow for something … Continue reading Those yellow pants