Cindy Sherman

I got back from the Cindy Sherman photo exhibit at the San Francisco MOMA a few hours ago, and I can’t get the whole thing out of my head.

I got to see this very short film she made called Doll Clothes, and found it very interesting (ps. there is no audio)

But the week before, I had seen Catie’s post about being inspired by Cindy Sherman and her own photo escapades that resulted. It made me realize that the line Cindy Sherman has drawn between artist and that of a fashion/style blogger can be very thin (not implying that I’m an artist).

Sherman creates her sets, finds her wardrobe, does her own hair and makeup, on top of it all, her own photographer. When my boyfriend isn’t helping me with my photos, I’m doing the exact same thing and I know many bloggers that do the same. I use each outfit post as an opportunity to explain a story of where I went or why I chose to wear what I had on at that day or time. It’s all harder than it looks because it is time consuming (plus I work and go to school). But once you see the final results of the photos and when the post comes together, it becomes very rewarding and worth it. When I’m starting to feel exhausted by the tribulations of blogging, I’m going to remind myself of this post.

You can read a little more about Cindy at her own website, or just browsing the internet to see lots of her amazing photographs and the hundreds of Cindy’s she’s turned herself into. Have you seen her exhibit already (it ran in NYC before coming to San Francisco) or viewed her photographs somewhere else, I would love to know what you think about her but also about photographing yourself.

Photography love: Heidi Lender

I was browsing the internet the other day looking for photos to share on my Pinterest, when I came upon these amazing photos by photographer Heidi Lender.

The bio pulled from her site states “Heidi Lender once reported on the fashion universe for national magazines, writing features and styling photo shoots. With a BA in apparel and textiles from Cornell University, she covered style, design, food and travel from New York to Paris. A soulful search led her to India, where she lived part-time studying yoga, and subsequently taught in San Francisco in her own studio. In 2009, she finally found herself – behind the lens of her first digital SLR, and retired her pen and yoga professorship in favor of making pictures. She currently splits her time between Northern California and Garzon, Uruguay.”

But what I really loved about the photos and what caught my eye was how similar these turn out to what a blogger would consider outfit photos. Personally, if you look back at my archives (don’t ask me why) but I always only took photos from the neck down! So it is interesting to see someone turn it into a photographic series. They are beautiful.

How cute are those doggies?! This inspires me to want to take more outfit photos and to be very creative with the process!

photos found through Creative Photography

Rewind to the summer

Raise your hand with me if you’re ready to go back to this summer!
After leaving the house this morning and walking right into a giant cloud of fog, and how I think about how little summer we had in San Francisco…I’m ready for it to be warm again! A girl can dream. So I decided to post a few of the last photos from my summer trip to Jalostotitlan Mexico where I definitely relished every bit of sun before returning to the land of fog.
I don’t think I’ll ever get over how many amazing original doors there are on almost all the houses. I’m kicking myself for not taking more photos of them
Thrift Eye
This is at a city called San Juan de Los Lagos, the church is famous for having a very small statue of Mary that is said to have fulfilled many miracles
San Juan de Los Lagos
Many pilgrims visit the city daily to pray to this statue for a miracle, they had to dedicate a whole giant room inside the church for all the testaments brought of fulfilled miracles! The room is amazing!
San Juan de Los Lagos
San Juan de Los Lagos
This land used to belong to my grandfather (RIP). It now belongs to my mother and her siblings. A little slice of land of our own.
Rancho Los Portales - Jalostotitlan
This is where my mother grew up, right on this land. How breathtaking is it!?
Rancho Los Portales - Jalostotitlan
Of course I had to squeeze in an outfit photo of Diana (sister) and myself.
Here is Diana
I think her shorts are from Forever 21, her top is Tracy Reese, Betsey Johnson sunglasses.
Dress: Custo Barcelona from Saks Fifth Avenue. Sandals: Fornarina on Melrose.
Am I crazy for hanging onto the last bit of summer?!

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Hope you mid-week is going smoothly.

Random Snaps

I’ve been having a chaotically busy week (I’m blaming school for the most part [WHY did I sign up for three classes instead of 2?]), so my pictures this week, at best, were quite random.
My good ole vintage Saint John dress. I can’t believe I got to wear this during the “summer.”
104 copy
Trying out these cool photo templates from Pugly Pixel. Close up shots of my vintage shoes from the Rose Bowl Flea that I wish I could have ten more identical pairs, and my Kate Spade glittery tights.
Here I am with my books. I live breathe, sleep, eat books most days. I really enjoyed mixing up the prints in this H&m scarf and Banana Republic dress. I don’t think I have a lot of blue in my wardrobe, but I really liked it in this dress.
142 copy
147 copy
My navy blue Ash flats
148 copy
And a photo that’s a little bit older, thought it was too funny to not share. Making funny faces in the mirror before heading out to Fashion’s Night Out. You can see my little Murakami for MOMA pin a little better here.
160 copy

Wishing you a stress free and relaxing weekend. I will be splitting my time between work and term papers, and hoping to squeeze in some time with my boyfriend and cat 🙂