Remix: Uniqlo Heattech

I have some older pictures to show here that are of fairer weather and it feels strange sharing them when it's so cold and rainy! I haven't been able to take any outfit photos because of the weather and my go-to backyard spot has been in remodel mode until last week! But as the last … Continue reading Remix: Uniqlo Heattech

2016 moments

2016 could not have exited one second sooner for me. I was done with it. Good riddance. It's kind of a bummer that we all collectively gave up on 2016, but oh well, I'm looking forward to 2017 just like everyone else! I've been in a weird space with the blog this last year - … Continue reading 2016 moments

Before and After

I had someone again ask me the other day, "What's your secret?" I never know how to respond to these questions. People always assume I've been thin my whole life, better yet, they assume everything and anything. That's where I've learned to mind my own business about other people's bodies over the years - but … Continue reading Before and After

Remix: Vince Nina flats

I simply love these Vince shoes! They have been my literal go-to shoe for the last few years because you just slip them right on and run out the door! The grey color has also proved itself to be beautifully versatile and necessary for my wardrobe. Per usual with these Remix posts, click on the … Continue reading Remix: Vince Nina flats