A quick hello

Will you hate me if I tell you this quick post has photos from a museum again?! It's seriously addicting you guys!! It's become my new favorite place to go and think...(besides the gym.) I have been taking my notebook and just sitting in a nook of the museum to write, not even observing the … Continue reading A quick hello


So a lot of my outings lately have been to museums. Sorry (not sorry.) I'm now the proud member of three different museums in San Francisco and cannot urge you enough to do something similar near you! In the long run it becomes affordable if you visit often (like I do) and you typically always … Continue reading MoMa

This Old House

I didn't expect to be gone so long from here. I've been working through some personal issues that left me quite drained and detached, that I'm finally getting over that hill towards being myself again. So I've been focusing on feeling better. I've been dividing my time between going to the gym to strengthen my body, … Continue reading This Old House

Bay watch: weekend wardrobe

I'm an opposite person, I love to dress up on weekends because I can be so casual on the weekdays sometimes. When I'm casual on the weekends, I feel like I'm on an alternate universe (which I'm realizing is called Earth, and I'M the alien!) My weekends have been full of exploring the Bay (farmers … Continue reading Bay watch: weekend wardrobe