Because my sister wore it

Hi folks!

This month has just been…ugh! I don’t get into politics with others much, if ever, but the elections really had me on edge and just feeling overall saddened by the actions of many people. I had no mind to concentrate on any sort of blogging. This was just the cherry on the top of layers of crazy stuff that has happened to me this year. So I will continue to, and urge you too, to find find comfort with friends and family to spread love.

I was able to visit my family briefly, and between my sisters and my mom, we’ve been able to mutually swap all kinds of things in our wardrobes. It’s quite wonderful. So you sometimes see me referring to things here as “borrowed” from my sister. This dress though…we can just say she left it in the care of my mom for some mending and I helped myself to it! It’s just so beautifully structured!

Item From Made in… BUY
Jason Wu dress borrowed from sister USA HERE
Freda Salvador Spain similar

Thrift Eye, Jason Wu dress, style blogger

Thrift Eye, Jason Wu dress, style blogger

Caveat emptor – Buzzfeed investigates “Made in China”

Have any of you been following these Buzzfeed stories about angry buyers who received their merchandise from Chinese wholesale retailers? It’s quite fascinating. It is the ultimate buyer beware moment we dread while shopping online. I think it’s best to say that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Always try to do your research on the retailer before buying anything online.

I wasn’t going to write about this topic – except the week the original Buzzfeed article came out, I was emailed by one of the retailers asking me to run ads for them. They must have missed the whole thing about me being very pro-Made in the USA. I just didn’t respond to them – but I know that other bloggers run ads for these companies and often take free clothes from them.

The original article is about how Facebook heavily advertises and misleads users towards these sketchy online retailers.

Buzzfeed investigates
picture from Facebook group

The people then began to use Facebook itself as a tool to warn other potential buyers – creating forums where people could share their woes and warnings. They were also using the ability to contact Facebook heads via Facebook itself, to shame them for accepting ad money from these retailers. Facebook had no choice but to respond – it looks as if action still hasn’t been taken though.

I found it even more interesting that Buzzfeed followed up for us all by ordering a spread of merchandise from the accused sellers and creating a whole other post about it. Most of the items were not as described, just as the people on Facebook had shown. Items tend to not be of the fabric described and sizing was off.

Lauren Zaser / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

A few of the things were wearable, but not of great quality and just not what the original picture presented. There was no original item, the retailers are stealing pictures from blogs and Instagram to sell items they do not carry in the first place. I haven’t heard much from the story recently – but I’m definitely following these types of stories as they progress.

Passing along the info – Shopbop sale!

As noted, Shopbop is one of my site sponsors, but I thought I’d let you all also know that they’re having a pretty big sale right now! They are my go-to online retailer for buying new Made in USA things! You only have until the 15th, but just enter INTHEFAM25 at the end and get 25% off your whole order!

Shopbop sale

These are just a few of my favorite Made in USA brands sold on Shopbop!

Three Dots
J Brand jeans
Edith A. Miller
Enza Costa

So I celebrate any business that goes above and beyond to stock so many Made in USA brands! The sale is just a bonus 🙂

Thrift Made in USA

Thrifting operations have changed gears somewhat – I feel very content with this direction my wardrobe has gone in and since I have shifted towards more made in USA items; I thought I would continue this Thrifting made in the USA bit I did a while back to show you that it can be done even on a dime. I approached it in two different ways (and next, I’ll show you how you can shop made in USA in other stores too) – first at an actual thrift store (in this case Goodwill), and second at a re-sale store (at Crossroads trading). I surprisingly had similar results at both stores! The price points being a little different of course.

We’ll start with Goodwill! The only downside is that yes, you’ll have to sort through lots of things. Thrift stores have now become graveyards for cheap mall clothes, so it takes more time to find the hidden gems. But do not lose hope, gems are there to be found, even if you have to dig deeper.

A trendy black blazer by Aqua
Thrift Eye, thrifting, goodwill, made in usa

Or how about a vintage (had a made in USA label inside) midi skirt with oversized pockets?
Thrift Eye, thrifting, goodwill, made in usa

Surprise, this Betsey Johnson dress was made in the USA!
Thrift Eye, thrifting, goodwill, made in usa

A beautiful black party dress by Milly
Thrift Eye, thrifting, goodwill, made in usa

Summery and silky dress by Rory Beca
Thrift Eye, thrifting, goodwill, made in usa

Or how about a simple cotton dress by LNA?
Thrift Eye, thrifting, goodwill, made in usa

And now, moving onto Crossroads – stores like this will be less digging through, and consequently, prices will be much higher.

This well constructed coat was $50 and by St. John, you’d pay that much or more for a coat that was already falling apart the day you bought it new
Thrift Eye, thrifting, crossroads trading, made in usa

My new go-to denim brand, J Brand
Thrift Eye, thrifting, crossroads trading, made in usa

A bright dress by Cynthia Vincent
Thrift Eye, thrifting, crossroads trading, made in usa

Or how about this funky Marc Jacobs mainline skirt that yes, was also made in the USA
Thrift Eye, thrifting, crossroads trading, made in usa

My suggestions to you, is to always try something on before you buy and to resist the temptation to buy things that do not fit you (that goes without saying for any type of shopping!)

I didn’t buy any of these things, although the temptation was high – and I encourage you to ask yourself when shopping if you really NEED those things!