True cost of fashion

Im mad, and really upset. I've tried so hard the last year to make some big strides in reconstructing my wardrobe, and continuing to learn what really happens when our clothes are made. I stripped my entire wardrobe of anything from Forever 21 (I donated it all), and have kept my promise that when I … Continue reading True cost of fashion

Matching dresses

I never really understood people that went crazy over buying the same item in different colors - I've always wanted to incorporate as much variety into my wardrobe - in brands, eras, styles, and colors. That is until I found the sister dress to one of my favorite dresses ever! This Richard Chai for Target … Continue reading Matching dresses

Valuable vs. Expensive

Something I have noticed in blogging trends and has bugged me quite a bit is conspicuous consumption trap that many bloggers fall into. What happens is a chain reaction of people trying to attain things they cannot afford. It's sad to see someone put themselves in financial debt because they wanted a Celine, Chanel, etc. … Continue reading Valuable vs. Expensive

Clothes made by my mom for me

As I have been exploring my own personal wardrobe journey on shopping Made in the USA (see this post and this other post) and after reading Overdressed, I have truly realized that we should somehow reignite the movement to make our own clothes! I have saved my machine for years just altering/mending clothes and making … Continue reading Clothes made by my mom for me