Remix: Paul Green boots

It's been a long time, but I've brought these shoes back from the depths of my closet. In 2010 I had bought these Paul Green boots when I decided to take the credit instead of the cash option after trading clothes at Buffalo Exchange. They have been one of the most durable and consistently in … Continue reading Remix: Paul Green boots

Remix: Swedish Hasbeens

I wish sandal weather was here to stay more often - I own two pairs of sandals now since living in SF. I rarely wear them in the city, but love taking them on vacation (and wearing them on rare sunny days!). They're not in the best condition any more since having to trudge across … Continue reading Remix: Swedish Hasbeens

Yves Saint Laurent style

In the last style post, I wore my trusty and amazingly comfortable Yves Saint Laurent wedges I've had for 6+ years now. When I got them, I was still living the student/full time worker budget lifestyle and paid what was a lot for me at the time (about $40 from Buffalo Exchange) when I was … Continue reading Yves Saint Laurent style

The little white dress: from casual to dressy

Who would have ever guessed that just a change of shoes could elevate an outfit! I've had this little white dress for a very, very long time! It was one of those things I cherished from when I worked at Fornarina, back in the early days of my blog. I have gotten rid of most … Continue reading The little white dress: from casual to dressy