Wow, well I didn’t mean to take a break from blogging this long…time sure does have a way of warping itself to make month’s seem like seconds. But this break was necessary to recalibrate what I want to share on here. I’ll get into that much later on another post. I just wanted to say hello and let you all know I’ still here ( 🙂 )

Back in the day, you used to find me selling my clothes on Ebay. I’m not giving it a try over at Poshmark (I’m late to the game, I know.) The fact that I can keep the items up there and listed until sold, really is really useful for me.

Find my closet at THIS LINK or click on the image below. My username is Thrift Eye of course!

poshmark, poshmark store, thrifteye

Shopbop sale: Spotlight on fashionable books

As the “Thrift Eye” moniker implies, I love finding a good deal. And if you didn’t know, I have this thing for books 😉 So when I found out that Shopbop was having a sale, I thought I’d share this opportunity to get &  give the gift of books for the holidays! Enter GOBIG15 at checkout to get a nice slice off your final amount.

Here are some of my favorite books they have, of which I wouldn’t mind showing off on my bookshelf at home!

Big Book of Chic, fashionable booksShop Your Closet, fashionable booksVogue & The Met Museum of Art’s Costume, fashionable booksLove Style Life, fashionable booksAlexander McQueen, fashionable booksThe Dress, fashionable booksModels of Influence, fashionable booksMario Testino, fashionable booksThe Fashion Book, fashionable books

You have until November 30th to take advantage of this sale! Forget Black Friday!
Shopbop Sale

Marshalls: Mission stay warm

I think Fall totally skipped Las Vegas, like, there was two weeks of mild weather and now it’s cold! So when a rep from Marshall’s offered me a gift certificate to go check out some of their Fall items, it couldn’t have come at a better time. (in fact, on their website, they’re having their own gift certificate giveaway).

I began browsing through their beauty products and perfumes, which they always have TONS of. I saw lots of Stella McCartney products. Lot’s of products I was curious about trying, I put them in my maybe basket.

The shoes are so neatly organized now that they have the Mega Shoe Shop instead of just racks on the walls like the used to. I saw lots of yummy boots tall and short to keep you warm. I even contemplated a pair of running shoes since mine is about to give out. Lots of coats big and small to keep you warm. I don’t have one in particular in mind myself, so I skipped the contemplation. They always seem to have lots of Betsey Johnson tights, that is really awesome. And luckily, a fourth of the store is always on sale, it makes for good browsing, and you can find some really awesome deals in there.

In the end…I remembered that they had an electronics section after waiting in line to pay for some beauty products. I went over and saw all sorts of IPod accessories,  but what caught my eye that I was totally not expecting was a router. Yes, for the Internet. Since I moved out, I had been connecting through a LAN to my Internet (via a cord) since my roommates before were the owners that gave me WiFi. I looked at the router then at my other selections. I paid for the balance of my total, went home with my router, and finally connected to the Internet wirelessly all thanks to Marshall’s! So I’m very grateful that they sent over that gift card, it is making getting on the internet infinitely easier instead of having to sit three feet away from the modem. Thank you Marshall’s.

Americana: Shopping adventures in Glendale

I can say that when in So Cal, we usually do our usual. Shopping at Pasadena, sometimes we’ll venture out to places we’ve been to before. But when Diana suggested we go to the outdoor mall Americana in Glendale, I was kind of reserved. What is it about unfamiliar places sometimes that doesn’t seem so appealing? Except I was wrong in my convictions and found this place to be pretty cool. And next to the Glendale Galleria, which I had gone to over ten years ago and was left with a feeling of wanting to go back.

The H&M at the Americana was huge. It had tons of stuff that our H&M never gets. The one in Vegas only seems to have cotton basics, they never get anything remotely fashionable. And the one in Pasadena is small. So we had fun trying on stuff.

Diana found herself this blue dress, which I personally think is amazing.


And I got myself this structured skirt, which I can’t wait to wear. I was trying it on with this funky bathing suit top (while moving around of course), just to see what it would look like with a peep of stomach. Did not get the top.


I also got the tennis shoes from the previous post, but saw all sorts of other amazing things that if I were not waiting for the fall stuff to come out, might have gotten.

Diana did finally also find her size Vena Cava x Gap dress. But this dress is ridiculously difficult to get on and off. No zippers!? We’ll wait til it’s on sale.


We also got to eat at Portos, which just happens to be my now favorite eating spot/bakery. Find it if you haven’t yet.