Winter is coming – so is a big sale

I have no shame anymore, after living in San Francisco for 7 years, admitting that I get cold easily. I take a jacket EVERYWHERE! So as every Winter approaches, I take time to analyze the coats I've been wearing and those I have not. Some don't fit anymore, some have gone out of style, some … Continue reading Winter is coming – so is a big sale

Find me on Poshmark

Let it be known, 2017 is the year I really decided to simplify my life. I feel like I donated about 1/4 of my home goods. Clearing out the clutter lifted a weight off my shoulders that I cannot explain. I got rid of belongings that complicated my home and disturbed my peace. Now, I … Continue reading Find me on Poshmark

Americana: Shopping adventures in Glendale

I can say that when in So Cal, we usually do our usual. Shopping at Pasadena, sometimes we'll venture out to places we've been to before. But when Diana suggested we go to the outdoor mall Americana in Glendale, I was kind of reserved. What is it about unfamiliar places sometimes that doesn't seem so … Continue reading Americana: Shopping adventures in Glendale