Caveat emptor – Buzzfeed investigates “Made in China”

Have any of you been following these Buzzfeed stories about angry buyers who received their merchandise from Chinese wholesale retailers? It's quite fascinating. It is the ultimate buyer beware moment we dread while shopping online. I think it's best to say that if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Always try to … Continue reading Caveat emptor – Buzzfeed investigates “Made in China”

Be part of the Fashion Revolution

Do you ever ask yourself, "who made my clothes?" If you haven't before, you really should now. Three years ago, after the horrible Rana Plaza accident, I couldn't bear to shop irresponsibly anymore. Was I contributing to the death of these people by wearing cheap clothes? You may have seen the web already being bombarded … Continue reading Be part of the Fashion Revolution

Spotlight on: Shoshanna

You’ll be able to follow all of these spotlight posts here, but also keep up with my Made in the USA series here. I have vacation on my mind, I'm overdue for one *but have none planned* so I'll daydream from the internet instead. Shoshanna is a Made in the USA brand I've had my eye on … Continue reading Spotlight on: Shoshanna

Made in the USA thrifting

This is the feature where I show you all that it’s quite easy to shop Made in the USA second hand! It is also my challenge to you all out there reading this, to diversify where your clothing comes from. One of the biggest complaints about shopping Made in the USA is that it's TOO EXPENSIVE! … Continue reading Made in the USA thrifting