In the tall grass

1. Hello California drought 2. A quick Saturday trip up north is my battery charger - stepping away from the hustle & bustle of the city is nice, makes me appreciate it all that more when I come back! I wish I could take longer trips up there, but alas! The laundry calls (along with … Continue reading In the tall grass

Camping crew

Why am I continuing to torture myself with wanderlust weekend pictures?! (is it Friday yet?!) See, double denim IS perfect for the weekends! Hello summer, I see you around the corner! Are you a city mouse (like me sadly) or do you like to go out in the wild? If so, what is your favorite … Continue reading Camping crew

Am I too old to wear shorts?

I used to be that person that would never be caught dead in shorts - I hated them throughout my teenage years and most of my adulthood. Exactly why? I'm not quite sure, I like how they look on other people, but always hated them on myself. Back in the day I wasn't allowed to … Continue reading Am I too old to wear shorts?

Forget about winter – let’s rewind to the summer

It's cold everywhere, and I just got my hands on these photos from the summer, so I'm defying reason and posting these pictures instead to remind me of warmer times :) As a child, I once saw an episode of Reading Rainbow that was about oceans and more importantly, otters. I spent most of my … Continue reading Forget about winter – let’s rewind to the summer