Responsible fashion and style – checking in

It has been a while since I've written a personal post about my Made in USA fashion journey. It has been a topic I have been passionate about since exploring the tragedies that left many people dead in Bangladesh when their sweatshop collapsed. Consumers and bloggers are caught in the crossfire of big fashion companies … Continue reading Responsible fashion and style – checking in

Let’s go shopping: more made in USA

I'm hoping to make this Made in USA  'shop along with me' a new frequent feature, I've created a tag for it to follow those types of posts here. The goal being that you can shop Made in USA all over, be it new, used, or recycled. I'm going to combine several days of window … Continue reading Let’s go shopping: more made in USA

Thrift Made in USA

Thrifting operations have changed gears somewhat - I feel very content with this direction my wardrobe has gone in and since I have shifted towards more made in USA items; I thought I would continue this Thrifting made in the USA bit I did a while back to show you that it can be done … Continue reading Thrift Made in USA

Made in the USA thrifting

I hope you thoroughly enjoyed my previous post and I loved hearing what you guys had to say about the topic! It will continue to be an ongoing discussion here! So I thought it would be a perfect chance to show you that yes, you can thrift Made in the USA too! A few disclaimers … Continue reading Made in the USA thrifting