Following the fountain of youth

I normally don't apologize for not posting - but I had a series of attacks on my blogs that had me working around the clock to get rid of some bad stuff that was put into the framework of this site. It was really complicated and frustrating because it wasn't anything visually damaged or broken … Continue reading Following the fountain of youth

Apron dress

Isn't it funny how we can become SO sure of something like, say your own personal style? That you put yourself in a box that isn't open anymore to let other things in? You tell yourself "that's not something I would wear." Until you do. I never thought something you could call "minimal" or "modern" … Continue reading Apron dress

The never say never dress

I used to have some NEVER NEVER┬ástatements I stood by with might - I've learned to never say never And then I bought some Jeffrey Campbell shoes (I had said never). And now I've bought another long┬ádress (said never too!) But I guess that's the thing about personal style and fashion - it should be … Continue reading The never say never dress

Watercolor dress

Do you ever have that one item in your closet you tell your "hmmm, I should wear that" but never do? That's exactly what I do with this dress my mom made for me. I tell myself these sentiments over and over, and before I know it, it's been YEARS since I wear the damn … Continue reading Watercolor dress