Caveat emptor – Buzzfeed investigates “Made in China”

Have any of you been following these Buzzfeed stories about angry buyers who received their merchandise from Chinese wholesale retailers? It's quite fascinating. It is the ultimate buyer beware moment we dread while shopping online. I think it's best to say that if it's too good to be true, it probably is. Always try to … Continue reading Caveat emptor – Buzzfeed investigates “Made in China”

Camping crew

Why am I continuing to torture myself with wanderlust weekend pictures?! (is it Friday yet?!) See, double denim IS perfect for the weekends! Hello summer, I see you around the corner! Are you a city mouse (like me sadly) or do you like to go out in the wild? If so, what is your favorite … Continue reading Camping crew

Weekend denim

I've been obsessed with doubling up my denim looks. I don't care if it's tacky, call me Texas Tuxedo/Canadian Tuxedo. Sometimes wearing double denim just works (unless you're on a red carpet). In this case it was for a morning of antiquing - where you're sometimes getting elbow deep in junk, and may have to … Continue reading Weekend denim

Am I too old to wear shorts?

I used to be that person that would never be caught dead in shorts - I hated them throughout my teenage years and most of my adulthood. Exactly why? I'm not quite sure, I like how they look on other people, but always hated them on myself. Back in the day I wasn't allowed to … Continue reading Am I too old to wear shorts?