Happy thanksgiving!

It’s been a hard blogging year for me. But I’m very thankful for what I have and what I can share. Thank you all for your good words. Be safe, and have a fun time with your families. I am very lucky to be with my family in California right now thanks to my extremely thoughtful boyfriend. We’re gonna put a spin on black Friday tommorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you again to everyone :)

Mad Men Yourself

If you haven’t seen it by now, here it is. A chance to turn yourself into one of the Mad Men cast! Via AMC, through their Mad Men Youself app. First you choose if you’re a Skirt or Suit :)

I turned myself and my boy into our own Mad Men cast.



Reminiscent of when you could turn yourself into a Simpson when their movie came out, but these characters look like a Shag creation. Love it! Don’t expect to find yourself with a modern hair-do. Expect it to be mid century and vintage, but have fun making one of yourself! I think I might try to turn my Mad Men self into a real life outfit, I kind of like!

ps. Is anyone else freaking out cause it’s already August?!?

Carbon footstep 2009

I have caught a small moment between my layover in Dublin before heading back to real life to mention how great Madrid was. Truly the best shopping out of all the other cities. I made my boyfriend go into the Fornarina store even though his shoes were killing him, I’m so sorry Jorge. Madrid has the craziest style. I thought the drop crotch pants were going to be big in Paris, and they sort of were, but not as much as in Madrid. Everyone wore them, young, old, I even saw a few guys. There were even some with the crotch all the way to the floor. People loved their clothes bright, others liked it very sleek and Vogue like. The people were super nice. Everyone had crazy haircuts. I didn’t have to struggle to communicate in a language I didn’t know. I loved it. I need to make plans to go back eventually. Now I can only muse on it because I’ll be heading back home. But Im only a little sad. I miss sleeping in my own bed, and miss the kitty terribly. I came very close to throwing away a few articles of clothing to make room in my luggage but everything managed to fit and was saved. In retrospect, I am totally surprised at how not different it all was, except for the languages. Most things seemed familiar, somewhat comforting. I guess from so many years of reading and seeing pictures of these places! But with these renovated Metro trains, everything is so accesible. I still enjoy having a car though. I feel like I’ve been given a taste of real life.