Vintage Ferragamo

It’s not everyday that I get to dress like this – but when I do, I have to go all out. I found this beautiful dress a few months back during a thrifting escapade. Well, it’s not also everyday that you run across a vintage Ferragamo dress.

I couldn’t really figure out what kind of shoes to wear this dress with, until duh, I realized I  have to wear it with my vintage Ferragamo shoes! This is one of my ultimate vintage channeling outfits! We all need to have a little fun once in a while :)

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Dress: Vintage Ferragamo, thrifted. Shoes: Vintage Ferragamo, ebay. Headband: American Apparel twist scarf. Lipstick: Bare Minerals Moxie in Call the Shots.

Thrift Eye, American apparel twist scarf, red lipstick, bare minerals risk it all

Thrift Eye, vintage ferragamo, vintage dress,

The little blue dress

The other morning while putting away laundry, I saw the bag I keep at the back of my closet – I looked at it hard, and remembered a dress I’ve carried inside of it for the last seven years. It has traveled with me through countless moves when I lived in Las Vegas and across the state to when I moved to San Francisco. But this dress, I don’t know how to say this, has never been worn by me. I never fit into it.

I bought it while thrifting at my old favorite Las Vegas haunt, Savers, while looking for nothing in particular. I’d known I always wanted a vintage prom style dress, but could never find one that I could afford. So when this pretty blue number appeared on the racks, I knew it would have to be mine. But it didn’t fit. Back then, I was really into selling clothes online and figured I could sell this one too. But I just couldn’t part with it. So with me it came everywhere I went. Don’t think I didn’t try to get the thing on, oh how I tried so many times. I’d even found a corset to tie myself in to see if it would finally fit, but it still gaped open a few inches. It didn’t necessarily make me sad, because I had tons of other clothes that fit me. For a while I even had it hanging up as a little piece of art! I’d settled that this dress would never fit me. That is until this day I explained above – I pulled out the garment back and thought I’d give the zipper a try. And wow, it fit – no corset, to squeezing, no sucking in. The thing just fit. I made my boyfriend quickly take this picture of me so I could remember this moment.

After I wrote this post about how I changed my eating habits, I’ve found a new relationship with what I eat, and of consequence, it has changed my relationship with my clothes. And I hope to continue sharing my ever changing wardrobe inspirations here for as long as I can.


Now…to find a time suitable for wearing this dress!

ps. unless I find a time machine to take me back to 1955, there probably will never be one ;)

A retro future

I spent all of last week in Southern California again, to get my sister’s wedding shower ready and done (glad that’s all finished now and now I’m back in SF).

In the process of cleaning up for the party, I stumbled upon this little number that belongs to my mother – it was hand made for her in the 70′s! It’s so funny to try it on again (the last time I did I was a teenager) and see myself as my mother. She took a few photos of me wearing it, but this specific photo stood out from the others because there’s a photo locked away somewhere of her standing the almost exact same way. We could have been twins.

Thrift Eye, wearing vintage clothing, swedish hasbeens, vintage outfit

While I would probably never wear this together out and about, it gave me a sense to what I feel like my style has been evolving to, and hence the title of this post – a retro future.

Meaning, wearing forward fashion with a nod to the past. Mixing the new and old. Breathing a new life and modern approach to the vintage. And knowing this, I can visualize outfits together in a better sense when figuring out what to wear the next day. It’s amazing how 2013 has been such a breakthrough year for realizations on my wardrobe and fashion. Have you had a similar revelation like this yourself?

Short & sweet

I haven’t worn this dress/muumuu thing in a very long time and something about the summer sun made me pull it out of the deepest corner of my closet (the San Francisco fog has returned, so it’s been put away again for a long time).

I have recently been pulling out my record player and listening to some music before leaving the house (hence why I have a hat on). This time it’s been Chet Baker on rotation (back when I flew to New York in 2009, it was one of the two free listening options on the very long flight, so I listened to his best of album like 50 times that night!!) and happy to have found his album on vinyl! So with records in hand, I’m channeling a little bit of a modern bohemian vibe.

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

You can see our cat Dot camouflaged in this photo :)

Dress: vintage thrifted (similar). Hat: vintage from Alameda Flea market. Boots: Sam Edelman (get them here)

And in the spirit of spring/summer cleaning, I’ve moved around my living room for the the 3rd time this year. It is now in another reincarnation than what is pictured above. Just two more finishing touches and we’ll be done with it (1. mounting TV to the wall 2. finally finding a table, this is the one I want). The record player has a permanent place, instead of this little spot on the ground! The cat is always intrigued by it and I constantly have to stop her from wanting to do a little scratching on the record! :)

Here’s to wearing things you haven’t worn in forever!

Inspired by Behind the Candelabra

I’ll preface this by saying I haven’t fit into this dress in maybe 5 years and it’s been hanging on the wall of my bedroom as ‘decoration’ for the last two – I’ve recently made a (hopefully) life choice to eliminate bread and eventually all gluten out of my diet. So when we were invited to a Behind the Candelabra viewing party, I had initially concocted some Liberace lounging 70′s leisure suit homage type of outfit. But I then looked at the dress that had been hanging and decided to try it on. And it finally fit. I first had my doubts, but when else would I get to wear this awesome monstrosity ever again if not to a Liberace party?!

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye


Dress: Vintage thrifted. Tights: Henry Holland for Pretty Polly. Booties: Fornarina.

The glittery star tights were the perfect touch! And the dress is now back up hanging where it was before.

The movie itself was pretty sad (for all parties involved) but it was interesting to see my old local Vegas.