More turtleneck layering

So the realization that I should wear turtleneck tops under my dresses has been the best wardrobe change¬†for me since moving to San Francisco - where we live in perma-fall. And in this off and on rainy month, being warm has been a must! When I lived in Las Vegas, I had an endless array … Continue reading More turtleneck layering

For a warm commute

I have noticed this weird thing with my morning commute to work, especially now that it's been cold. I have a new route I take, which makes me ride a bus filled to the gills with people the duration of my ride (about 20 minutes spent standing like sardines in a can.) And it has … Continue reading For a warm commute

When you want to wear your Summer dress in Winter

I've made a lot of weather compromises this Winter - which has forced me to wear the same boots and pants to combat the rain &¬†cold. Doesn't make for great outfit photos to share. The other day, I said to myself "THAT'S ENOUGH!" I decided to wear this dress I've had hanging for way too … Continue reading When you want to wear your Summer dress in Winter

Bundling up

So I finally had to do it, I moved my photos indoors because getting up early to photograph before the sunset just became too tedious this winter. THEN the rains came, which has rendered outdoor photography pretty impossible. I've been going to work in boots nonstop - and when I do wear flats, I've worn … Continue reading Bundling up