Our weather has been doing all sorts of fun things lately. We went from 90 degree weather to windy rain in a span of two days - September is typically the beginning of the Bay Area summer, I had my fall things put away. But now, I'm pulling the sweaters out again. So a simple … Continue reading Polka

Finding new color combinations to wear

Now that I'm working in a new library part time, I've had to change my wardrobe to be a little more dressy some days. So I had to find some new pants to wear that will transition well from work to my everyday wardrobe (aka transition from dressy to casual) very well. So when I … Continue reading Finding new color combinations to wear

The Librarian Stereotype

The librarian stereotype - do I even need to provide an image of it for you? (Just see here or here). The other day while browsing the tag "glasses" on Instagram, I came across way too many people exclaiming that their new glasses make them look like a librarian. And it's a constant battle I … Continue reading The Librarian Stereotype

What do librarians do?

I realized that I've never really explained what being a librarian is like - after I tell people I am one, the two most frequent questions/comments I get are "I didn't know there were still librarians" and "What do librarians do?" Yes there still are  librarians, and as any professional in their field will tell you, it's … Continue reading What do librarians do?