M2M: Made to Measure

In the last few comfy and cold days off, I’ve been indulging in some fun TV shows! And not the typical kind.

It’s been a strange catalyst for me. When I first started this blog, I was into learning and researching the fashion world (as an outsider.) I’d grown up with female seamstresses in my family, custom making most of my clothes, reading their countless back issues of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. So my interests at the beginning of this blog, spanned the history of fashion, but also learning about modern trends. In the last few years…I don’t know what happened. The endless cycle of fast fashion and the disillusion with lack of transparency of bloggers being bad, turned me off the fashion world in an odd way. And then one day a few months ago while bored of watching all the same things on Netflix and through the Roku, I discovered the M2M channel! A portal to fashion videos.

From their about page
Made to Measure (M2M) is a new fashion video network. M2M covers the world of fashion and style – past, present and future – through fresh and culturally relevant storytelling. M2M features original programming, classic fashion films and runway shows from the world’s top designers. M2M’s original series and documentaries highlight the people, issues, trends and events that have defined and transformed the fashion landscape.

There are tons of catwalk/runway videos. Fashion films both recent and from the past. Lots of quirky and interesting series that show behind the scenes from the fashion world, but also intriguing interviews!

For example, I’ve been LOVING these interview series called Tea at the Beatrice with Glenn O’Brien. A simple concept of Glenn O’Brien (famed editor and writer) interviewing a wide array of artists and creatives! It’s a simple interview, but full of such great information!

Or these quirky shorts about fashion icons figures and objects

It’s the only place I’ve been able to rewatch this old favorite, Signe Chanel, which followed Karl Lagerfeld and his couturiers as they got ready for the Haute Couture show!

I enjoyed for the first time, watching a runway show! It has been YEARS since I’ve been able to sit through one. This Chanel 2017 pre-fall show at the Ritz was sublime!

This seriously has been so fun to absorb and made me fall in love with fashion again. It feels so weird to say that?!! Do yourself a favor and connect to this channel!

Holiday wishlist:

It’s been a rough 2016, we all are on the same boat! I’ve been trying my best to feel a little more cheerful about Christmastime and I’m using it as a time to teach others about shopping responsibly! I’m telling people to shop Made in USA and support brands that manufacture in the US. It’s a way to support smaller and homegrown businesses. Here is a small roundup of interesting Made in the USA things I wouldn’t mind seeing underneath the tree.

Shopping responsibly and conciously links

Links posts are a dedicated space here for a roundup of links (that don’t fall into my normal post categories) that are sharing information about Made in USA, and as the title mentions, shopping responsibly and consciously.

Hello December! (and see you soon January!) It’s been a crazy long time, as I’ve been re-energizing my life offline to get reinspired and charging my batteries for 2017. I was drained…aren’t we all?! I’ve become disillusioned with people and things I see online – a wave of sameness, that I’m evaluating how I can be a different voice and continue to march to the beat of my own drum in spite of it all! Let’s jump right into all the links I’ve been saving to share with you all!

Thrift Eye

A picture of a vintage Geoffrey Beene sequined coat I came across at my last trip to the flea market. It was stunning to see in person (but not something I purchased for myself.) It was extremely similar in style to the sequined pieces in the Gucci 2016 Spring line! Again, a reminder that what goes around, comes around!

Kelly Wearstler’s 5 Tips for Flea Market Shopping

Since I love flea market shopping for finding inspiration, I thought I’d link to style guru, Kelly Wearstler’s market tips! Some are for furniture, but could be applied to anything!

100% Silk…

…feeling polyester. I came across this photo on Reddit and people were having a hoot about how misleading fashion can be!

The real cost of ASOS’s fast fashion

I don’t personally shop at ASOS because their style is a little too juvenile for my own taste. Similar to other stories about Amazon fulfillment warehouse horror stories, this investigation into ASOS warehouse practices is quite sad. We’ve changed our taste in fashion to be instant, and we want our online orders delivered immediately too – without realizing that it comes at the physical and mental health cost of many people!


I have been following the chronicles of Madalynne as she moves away from her day job at the Urban Outfitters realm into making her own line of lingerie that is carried in said stores! What a great business jump. The post is short and sophisticated in her sharing why Made in USA is important to her. I like her quote from another person “made in the USA is the next best thing to handmade.”

Unravelling the Myth of ‘Made in America’

The Business of Fashion goes far again, in researching the realities and truths of what it means to manufacture and shop Made in USA. I’ve learned myself to be realistic about what it means and what it could look like. I’m not naive to stating that it all needs to move back. I just believe in supporting companies that do. As I’ve explored here in past Links roundups, some people definitely pander to the phrase and exploit it to its full ability! I also found this statistic shocking “In the 1960s, more than 95 percent of apparel bought in the US was made in the US. But increased free trade with China, starting in the 1980s, pushed that number down significantly. By 1993, just over half of the garments sold here were made here. In 2015, 97 percent of clothes sold in the US were imported, not just from China, but also from other offshore manufacturing centres like Bangladesh, Vietnam, India and Indonesia”

Before and After

I had someone again ask me the other day, “What’s your secret?” I never know how to respond to these questions. People always assume I’ve been thin my whole life, better yet, they assume everything and anything. That’s where I’ve learned to mind my own business about other people’s bodies over the years – but I know people are inevitably curious and like to ask questions. There is no secret to losing and maintaining weight.

Almost four years ago, I was tired of being inactive, having gut problems, and being asked if I was pregnant by strangers (it messes with your head!!) And I decided to take charge of how I was eating so I could relieve stomach issues. Losing weight was just the side product. By eliminating most bread from my diet, I was able to lose weight. But after a very difficult beginning of the year, I decided 2016 was the year I was going to learn how to run and finally get fit. I run and go to the gym between 3-4 times and week. It’s crazy how at first there seemed to be no changes in my body, the changes actually were in my brain! The feeling of exercising felt like nothing else and it did good for my mental health. And all of a sudden in the last two months, my body has taken a drastic change where I can finally see all the hard work. There is tone and definition. And I’m like, is this really  me??!!

I ran across this old picture of myself from 2012 and I had to do a double take. I loved wearing this dress, but the cut across my midsection ALWAYS made me feel so self conscious. It honestly barely fit and probably shouldn’t have been wearing it. But I did.
Thrift Eye

This outfit had been in the back of my mind – I thought to myself, I could still wear it! I still have all these pieces. So I dug them out, and rocked this outfit again. But now I have to wear a belt. In fact, the belt itself is another story – it was given to me by a coworker in a pinch and it never fit. It’s plastic (so no stretch to it) and I could only wear it on the last hole. And through this journey, I’ve been able to belt it smaller and smaller. So much, that I’ve now put three extra holes in it! That’s what shocks me the most sometimes.

I guess this story is about finding comfort in yourself no matter what size!

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

I’m happy in my skin no matter what size!

I did also want to share that I’ve been told that Shopbop (one of my widget sponsors!) is having a huge tiered sale right before the holidays. I always advocate for them because they support and showcase many of the Made in USA brands that I support! The sale runs this Tuesday through next Tuesday. Head on over here to get more details about the sale.