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As a blogger, it’s always a good idea to periodically check your pages and make sure everything is updated and correct. I had recently  redone and updated my Blog Roll, then updated the Made in USA list – now the last component was updating my Shopping in San Francisco Map. I took a peek at it a few days ago and was kind of flabbergasted at how many SF shops had closed! Yikes, I apologize.

So I went through the map and got rid of a bunch of old places and added SO many new ones. San Francisco is an innovative fashion capital and many brands have headquarters here. Take a look around and bookmark it for when you want to visit or know someone who is coming and would like to explore more shopping!

This post will eventually get pushed down, but it will always be pinned as a page up top for me! (see SHOP SF above)

Shopping responsibly and conciously links

Links post are a dedicated space here for a roundup of links (that don’t fall into my normal post categories) that are sharing information about Made in USA, and as the title mentions, shopping responsibly and consciously.

Somewhat random, and somewhat off topic – but I found this INSANELY expensive nail polish at Sephora the other day. Could be nice…but I find the price tag extremely wasteful unfortunately!

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The Power of Manufacturers Using ‘Made in the USA’ in Marketing

“…manufacturers are discovering that home-grown production has increasing financial benefits, especially compared to China, whose competitiveness has dimmed significantly.” You don’t say! Consumers crave local products.

H & M’s Ongoing High-Fashion Experiment

A fascinating read about the beginnings of designer collaborations, and what those early stages looked like for H&M. It has been met with open arms, but this wasn’t always the case in fashion’s past – “In 1983, Halston, famous for his minimalist seventies party clothes, created a collection for J.C. Penney, featuring cut-price takes on his signature Ultrasuede disco wear. But the collaboration was ahead of its time, and the purveyors of high fashion were not yet prepared to see a luxury designer close the gap between couture and the masses. Bergdorf Goodman promptly dropped Halston…”

Cleaning out Your Closet for Fall: What to Keep, What to Sell, What to Donate

Local blogging pals share some awesome tips to declutter your wardrobe. In case you needed a gentle reminder “you are not going to wear it. It is going to sit in the back of your closet collecting lint.”

Clothes should be treasured, not bought and discarded like fast food

The title says it all. It really brings home how I have felt about shopping the last few years. When you shop absentmindedly at trendy cheap places you not caring too much about the quality of how you dress, nor think much of the people making those clothes. So I like how this article is challenging designers to create a system that lets people shop sustainably and think of the clothing they buy as long term investments (no matter the price point.)

H&M’s Cambodian Garment Workers Are Only Asking for $177 per Month: Why Can’t They Get It?

Wow, the headline for this feels like a punch to the stomach. Still feel good about those $10 pants you bought at H&M or that collaboration piece mentioned a few lines above? But boycotting these brands isn’t the solution that will fix their issues. It is urging and demanding these brands to increase wages and working conditions ASAP! Sign their petition HERE.

CLOSED Reading Rewards – How To Be An Explorer Of The World

Hello, hello! A friendly note letting you know I’m having another book giveaway on Instagram! Head on over to the picture below. There’s a few days left to enter this chance to win How To Be An Explorer Of The World by Keri Smith.

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Remix: Orla Kiely

It has just been a week of all things Orla Kiely over here! So I thought I’d finish up by posting a remix of the few Orla Kiely items I have.

Per usual with these remix posts, click on the image to see the original post.

This was my birthday outfit! This chartreuse dress is simply the dress of my dreams!
Thrift Eye

This Orla print dress is just perfect, I still love wearing it as much as the day I bought it
Thrift Eye

My beautiful Orla scarf that I wear…oh, almost every day!
Thrift Eye

Have you ever seen this dreamy Orla Kiely dress? I found one at a steep discount a few years ago. I had my mom mend it to my size, but have never, ever, ever, ever found any fitting event to wear it to! It’s almost too beautiful to wear. So for now, it sits in a closet…gotta remedy this! At the moment, this is the only picture I have of it!

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