Hello March

I had this idea of a simple way for me to catch up with you guys, as I get all my regular posting back in order. I want to post something like this at the beginning of each month! So I was determined to do this today, even as the clock was ticking and all programs on my computer decided to freeze! I still did it!


I randomly came across this book when someone else suggested it. And boy, was it surely the strangest book I have read in a good long time!

I’ve been craving new music, but kinda lost on what to listen to right now. So as I’ve been driving around, I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying our local jazz radio station!

The Bay Area is eons behind in this match craze. I can only get my fix at certain places.

Since going to Mexico in December (the last time I felt warm) I have wanted to plan another vacation. I’m torn between something fun like NYC or something adventurous and far like Barcelona!

In non-stop rotation – every single pair of black boots in my closet. Because A) Rain B) Cold C) Rain & Cold. I can’t seem to get dressed up or want to ruin my other shoes.

Care to share any of your current cravings too?

Where have I been?

Have I fallen victim to the hamster wheel of blogging? The first rule of blogging I learned was to never apologize about why you weren’t blogging. The second rule was to try to post as much as possible. I broke both of those rules.

This place started out for me, as a journal of sorts, we didn’t know what we were doing or building back then. I was working on my career (transitioning from teaching into libraries.) And then bloggers started popping out of nowhere promoting so much consumption. I was overwhelmed by the wave, and stayed clear on my course. But there was no love for vintage or sustainable fashion when other bloggers wanted you to BUY BUY BUY! There still isn’t really.

I wasn’t young, I wasn’t showing off, I wasn’t thin (then), and worst of all, I didn’t care about being the next Rumi or Bryan Boy. I wanted to be me. So last year, when I took the whole year to find me, this blog really suffered. I didn’t want to only photograph my outfits and just be ME ME ME all the time. I didn’t even want to show my face on Instagram. So I rarely photographed myself last year. I focused on traveling and capturing nature. Focusing on really letting myself learn and cultivate my desire to learn photography and editing.

What I appreciate the most about this blog is that it helped me learn about the sustainability and ugly side of unsustainable fashion. I called it learning about the humanitarian side of fashion. I couldn’t support an industry (both fashion and blogging) which made it seem like real people weren’t making and in some cases, dying to make clothes! I learned so much, and continue to learn so much. It really changed the way I shop. I spent 3 years only buying new clothes that were made in the USA. Only in the last year have I deviated a little bit from that. This challenged me to find and support brands that are creating with a conscience.

What I really miss though, is taking advantage of this space to write. Some of it was not having time. Some was not knowing what to write! How do I articulate any of these thoughts into words? Here I am acting as if I don’t own this space and can write (almost) whatever I want! I went through a similar crisis over on Instagram (which is probably now just as bad in the paid endorsement realm.)

So while 2017 was the year I removed myself from the photos, I was still here thinking. I was typing and photographing, just not publishing. Some days I think about how some people rebranded their blogs and websites…and maybe that’s something I should do? Maybe down the road. Right now, this space is mine to create what I want! Thank you for reading and following along for these years and through this long ass post!

Falling for jumpsuits

I confess, I have recently become addicted to jumpsuits…

I’m not the kind of lady that likes maxi dresses, but I do like sleek and long looks. So I think the jumpsuit achieves that for me. Maybe I’m just late to this train ;) As someone who loves dresses in general, the jumpsuit gives me the same ease of getting dressed in the morning (especially on a day I’m running late to work.) The cons…going to the bathroom in public areas, not fun at all.

I realize I had largely removed my outfits from this blog…this is something I want to remedy, and of which I will address hopefully in another post soon! These are photos from the Fall. I’m wearing similar styled jumpsuits for the Winter, but with boots and a thick coat now.

Item From Made in… BUY
Levi’s jacket thrifted Mexico
Uniqlo jumpsuit Uniqlo.com China HERE
Vince flats gift from sister Italy HERE

Thrift Eye, Uniqlo jumpsuit, how to wear a jumpsuit, San Francisco style

Thrift Eye, Uniqlo jumpsuit, how to wear a jumpsuit, San Francisco style

My mother’s vintage dresses

I spent almost half a month in Mexico over the Summer. It was an amazing getaway to disconnect from work, the internet, politics, news, and general stresses of life. It really gave me a whole new perspective of life privilege that I experience on a small and large scale living in the US (but I digress!)

One of my favorite moments (and there were many,) was asking my momma to unearth her wedding dress from 1972 so I could try it on. I recall that many, many, many, many years ago I tried to put it on…and it never fit. Being that the last time I had visited was 2011, I knew that it would fit me this time. I begged her to let me try it on again.

I didn’t want to unfurl the veil because it was too delicate and complicated, but the dress is so groovy. I loved it.
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

Oh, but that wasn’t it, I also made her let me try on the suit my dad wore as his groom’s outfit! We all had a good laugh because it fit too!
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

And then this meant we had to empty the wardrobe of course. I had to try everything on. So we had some lovely conversations I’ll appreciate forever – like about where the clothing came from, when, why, and who made it.

This green and white piece was from my retro dreams
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

This burgundy suit set had a lovely marled texture of white flecks – I’m regretting not bringing this back now so I can wear it in my everyday wardrobe
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

I think this is pinnacle 70’s
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

And this ruffle shirt didn’t originally go with this skirt, but I couldn’t resist combining the two purples
Thrift Eye, vintage clothing

There were some other individual pieces I tried on, like some high waisted bell bottomed green pants! I just wish I had used my real camera to take the photos instead of my Iphone.

One day I’ll go back and have enough space in my suitcase to bring this all back home with me. Today, I have the memories :)