Black and grey textures

Some working days, I really felt like dressing up a bit more than usual. I'm usually a total casual day dresser, and library dress codes embrace the workplace casual attire (as opposed to dressing business casual or the casual where you can get away with shorts at work). So again, this was my dress up … Continue reading Black and grey textures

A touch of red

This red blazer is one of my favorite things to wear BUT, it's also one of the damn hardest to fit into any outfit. I have had so many moments where I've wanted to wear it, but decide not to last minute because it doesn't seem like the right thing to wear (we all do … Continue reading A touch of red

What are you reading?

I had already made my confession that I'm around books all day every day. Here are some things I was currently reading and checking out. (and really, just some because there are about three times as more that I didn't have a chance to take pictures of). This book on artist Charley Harper was my … Continue reading What are you reading?