Bay watch: weekend wardrobe

I'm an opposite person, I love to dress up on weekends because I can be so casual on the weekdays sometimes. When I'm casual on the weekends, I feel like I'm on an alternate universe (which I'm realizing is called Earth, and I'M the alien!) My weekends have been full of exploring the Bay (farmers … Continue reading Bay watch: weekend wardrobe


Just returned from a whirlwind trip to Tokyo, where I fell in love with the beautiful city. I can't even form the correct words to describe it at the moment. Before I begin sharing some of the photos from this trip, I wanted to share one last set of photos before I left. A few … Continue reading Konnichiwa

Am I too old to wear shorts?

I used to be that person that would never be caught dead in shorts - I hated them throughout my teenage years and most of my adulthood. Exactly why? I'm not quite sure, I like how they look on other people, but always hated them on myself. Back in the day I wasn't allowed to … Continue reading Am I too old to wear shorts?

Hey casual day

It's always so hard to share casual day photos here. But they're my "uniform" half of the week when I'm not dressed like a box of Fruit Loops. I do extremes well - I can be colorful and dressed up, or casual and neutral. I'm sure we all do this in some way, shape, or … Continue reading Hey casual day