Stark Reality (and a take two)

I think I have a problem with clothes burn out. If there is such a thing. I'm the kind of girl that once she gets something she really likes, will wear the hell out of it for about a month, whenever she can. Then I kindly forget about it until maybe a year later. I … Continue reading Stark Reality (and a take two)

zippers and things

I've had this belt for what seems to be forever. It came to me in the form of a gift card to Hot Topic, and I couldn't find anything I wanted, so I chose the zippery belt. Which is really three belts zippered together. I figured this would be a nice opportunity to combine my … Continue reading zippers and things

under layers

The other pictures of this outfit, left me with a sour taste. The only one that seemed to come out was this one I took from my Point of View, and I kind of like it. It conveys exactly what I really liked about my outfit - the clashing but complementing colors, the different textures, … Continue reading under layers

American Apparel baby

Somehow I got coaxed into going out to a really local, and oppposite side of town club thing. Mainly because I wanted to support my boyfriend who takes photos there. I really just wanted to wear this huge slouchy shirt I got at the American Apparel warehouse sale, but then the only pants I could … Continue reading American Apparel baby