Urban hiking outfit

I didn't expect to take such a long break between posts - I have been drafting a very long 10 year anniversary post for myself, that's taking longer than expected. But I've also recently re-joined a gym, trying to get some strength on my body. All of a sudden, two weeks went by incredibly quickly. … Continue reading Urban hiking outfit

Bundling up

So I finally had to do it, I moved my photos indoors because getting up early to photograph before the sunset just became too tedious this winter. THEN the rains came, which has rendered outdoor photography pretty impossible. I've been going to work in boots nonstop - and when I do wear flats, I've worn … Continue reading Bundling up

Pink and Red at work

Some days I'm really liking the very professional look at work (as observed here recently) - so much, that I laugh because I feel like I'm dressing up to go on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton :) I think this outfit comes down to two things instead - finding + investing in nicer things … Continue reading Pink and Red at work