Orla Kiely dressed up

I have this strange affinity for anything Orla Kiely. If I could, I would buy anything and everything in an Orla Kiely print. But my wallet disagrees with me. It's also quite difficult to find in the US. So I'm collecting pieces little by little! (I'm mildly obsessed with this UK based shop's Instagram because they … Continue reading Orla Kiely dressed up

The perfect skirt

Since I lost a little bit of weight, I was able to get by wearing a lot of the same clothes with no problem - the only things that I'm not really able to pull off anymore are the skirts I had before. When they used to sit on my waist, they now fall down to my … Continue reading The perfect skirt

Goodbye summer

I don't think I'd be so sad that summer is officially gone if it weren't for the fact that I got very little wear of my open toed shoes and sandals this year. I'm not one of those bloggers that's going crazy for fall...I don't like to be cold! I think it's a side effect … Continue reading Goodbye summer