A weekend to remember

I'm going to guess that I had the busiest week just like 99 percent of you. Between running around town, meeting up with friends from out of town, friends from in town, dinners/cooking, organizing my eBay store, taking photos, flea markets, BBQ's, etc. I don't know how I would have managed any of this if … Continue reading A weekend to remember

Family of Trees

I like to think of my wardrobe as a little family unto itself - they live together in my closet. I see some of the things more than others, I remember some more than others. Some are with me for a long time, others just for a little while. (perhaps this is just my statistics … Continue reading Family of Trees

Heart of the Sunrise

Don't let these photos fool you, it is still disgustingly hot here - I'm just extremely lucky to spend all day indoors. Except for this (literal) hot minute outside to take the photos. It's the smoking patio at work, but I love coming out here, high above the city, all by myself. I've worn this … Continue reading Heart of the Sunrise


As soon as I caught wind that Minx Nails would be releasing a collaboration with Sephora, I made a beeline there to check out the products in person. These Chic Prints decals surpassed my expectations. They are definitely worth the $15 I paid for because I keep my nails short, I'm pretty sure I'll get … Continue reading Bandes