I took a much needed sabbatical from work and Las Vegas (if you lived here, you would need a break from it too), I skidattled over to California because I was supposed to go to Mexico but waited too long to get my ticket. I only took a few photos (shown here) and the Internet … Continue reading Mavens

Minnie Mousing it

A party? By the pool? Well that sounds awesome, except the last time I went it was incredibly hot and the tenfold of people made it even hotter and humid! While the party is by the pool, no one actually gets in it. Last time I wasn't dressed for it at all, so this time … Continue reading Minnie Mousing it

Unbeknownst to you

I was really happy that my ┬ámom found this dress. This was one of those swapmeet treasures I spoke about that my mom found at the bottom of a pile. It's simple, and light for summer. I love the big zipper going down the front and the bell sleeves. The only down part is that … Continue reading Unbeknownst to you