Urban hiking outfit

I didn't expect to take such a long break between posts - I have been drafting a very long 10 year anniversary post for myself, that's taking longer than expected. But I've also recently re-joined a gym, trying to get some strength on my body. All of a sudden, two weeks went by incredibly quickly. … Continue reading Urban hiking outfit

A Wrinkle in Time (or, a wrinkle in my dress)

You ever feel really good about an outfit? We're not that different from each other - except once in a while I take pictures of my outfits (and hey, maybe you do too!) I felt great about this outfit all day long and then I take the pictures and see them...SO many wrinkles! I have … Continue reading A Wrinkle in Time (or, a wrinkle in my dress)

Gingham for summer!

I seem to be noticing the gingham print worn everywhere this summer in all colors! So I decided to play it up for the summer in non-summery colors! What I¬†wish I could wear this outfit with is a pair of cowboy/western style boots (why did I sell mine to Buffalo Exchange a few years ago?!). … Continue reading Gingham for summer!

Simplicity: summer essential sometimes

Okay, this will officially be my last post yapping about how hot it is here. I've had my ups and downs with wearing what I want. Then laundry day comes and throws a wrench in the whole thing. If theres anything I hate more, it's doing laundry then putting it away! Ugh. So, my wardrobe … Continue reading Simplicity: summer essential sometimes