In my own skin

I've never made weight the center of my blog, and frankly it never will be. But I will admit that I turned away from wearing more form fitting clothes, and this also got me away from a lot of vintage clothes. I felt a little self conscious about wearing anything that was too tight. I'm quite curvy - … Continue reading In my own skin


I've jumped on the burgundy trend (I refuse to say oxblood!) after I saw these pants at Uniqlo. I think this color works really well with pants, now I want to look for a denim pair since these are a little more stretchy, borderline leggings. Next time I'm wearing these pants, I want to dress … Continue reading Burgundy

Goodbye summer

I don't think I'd be so sad that summer is officially gone if it weren't for the fact that I got very little wear of my open toed shoes and sandals this year. I'm not one of those bloggers that's going crazy for fall...I don't like to be cold! I think it's a side effect … Continue reading Goodbye summer