City legs

There is something about wandering around in the city that can feel so amazing. The hustle and bustle of strangers on their way, to and fro, makes for incredible people browsing while killing time. The city life frightens some people, I don't mind it once in a while (though I'm glad to live in a … Continue reading City legs

Trench coat style – alternative coats for winter

Some days, especially during the winter or cold months, I find it very difficult to get up and get dresses and not pick something to wear that is black. Somehow even a little bit of black makes it's way into my outfit. I'm that person that is always hesitant to mix blue with black, so I … Continue reading Trench coat style – alternative coats for winter

Style on a dime

When I began my blog, I was all about that thrifting life - I still am, but my style has inevitably changed as I have gotten older and "wiser" with my money. Thus, the thrifty life doesn't have to exclusively exist within a thrift store. I have always been very proud of myself for being … Continue reading Style on a dime

Girl in a dress

I'm going to share a few pictures of one of my favorite little places along the water in San Francisco - it's a serene and vast place with an awe inspiring tree. You can see a great bit of the ocean and land from it. But most importantly to me, it's not overrun with tons … Continue reading Girl in a dress