Lace on lace

Temperatures have risen a bit this December, was I just complaining about it being cold? (hello global warming!). It got warm enough to enjoy a quick bare legged walk to dinner in an outfit with a story. See, my mom made this lace top and skirt set just for me. I've only worn it once … Continue reading Lace on lace

Finding new color combinations to wear

Now that I'm working in a new library part time, I've had to change my wardrobe to be a little more dressy some days. So I had to find some new pants to wear that will transition well from work to my everyday wardrobe (aka transition from dressy to casual) very well. So when I … Continue reading Finding new color combinations to wear

outside the box

When my sister (thank you Diana!) gave me this skirt a few weeks ago, I tried to visualize an a-typical outfit for myself. The basic me would add a black top & black boots and just go! I wanted to play around with a new color palette and imagined this royal blue combining well with … Continue reading outside the box