When you want to wear your Summer dress in Winter

I've made a lot of weather compromises this Winter - which has forced me to wear the same boots and pants to combat the rain &¬†cold. Doesn't make for great outfit photos to share. The other day, I said to myself "THAT'S ENOUGH!" I decided to wear this dress I've had hanging for way too … Continue reading When you want to wear your Summer dress in Winter

the Hemp dress

Since returning from Japan, I have actually had a different eye when thrifting - my attention immediately went to looking for natural fabrics that breathe, can be worn oversized, and drape rather than hugging curves. A very different aesthetic than what we're used to seeing in the West and what I normally would wear. And … Continue reading the Hemp dress

Out of Print

I'll keep this post short and sweet - mostly because I noticed there was a huge smudge of I-don't-know-what on my camera lens AFTER I took these pictures. This was the best of the bunch, and it still looks pretty bad. Sorry. I'm bummed about it because I'm in total LOVE with this sweater! I … Continue reading Out of Print

Sewn by my own hands

Over a year ago, when I began to explore to world of responsible fashion after the Bangladeshi clothing factory tragedy - it pushed me to approach this whole thing (both blog and real world-wise) in a more ethical and human way that celebrates the people dressing you, not punishes them. I did this in several … Continue reading Sewn by my own hands