Bay Area Outfit

I don’t know what’s going on with me – I think I may have been living in the Bay Area too long. Or maybe I’m getting older. Or maybe I’m feeling the trends too much right now. Maybe it’s just a combination of it all! Some days, I feel like I’m still recovering from being a former Las Vegas gal and the wardrobe that comes with it…I’m not quite sure that means! Some days I’m still figuring out the balance of being comfortable, age appropriate but also fun & youthful, not too trendy, work vs. play! I think that’s why I don’t have one specific style and my look is constantly evolving.

Lately, I’ve also been attracted to adding loose linen pieces to my wardrobe. Why? I’m enjoying how the earthy and organic colors come out. Plus, I’m barely (duh to me) figuring out how comfy they are! They also tend to be made in USA. Win, win, and win! So this loose and billowy top in this mellow yellow color really spoke to me at the thrift store! Part of me is worried that I’m turning into some stereotypes…but honestly, I’ve never cared :)

Item From Made in… BUY
vintage linen top thrifted USA
Elizabeth & James mesh skirt thrifted China HERE
Swedish Hasbeens Suzanne Sweden HERE
Salt Optics prescription glasses Japan HERE

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style

Thrift Eye, San Francisco style

Summer minimal

I’ve been attracted to wearing solids more and more (even though my heart explodes with wanting to wear patterns and lots of colors!) It just feels me *right* now. I’ll bring the patterns back eventually.

So I’ve also actually been wearing this simple, old skirt quite a bit more now. I’ve had it for a good 4+ years. It’s a skirt made out of three thin layers of mesh, so it’s particularly easy to wear in warm weather – but also easy to dress up or down. Which brings me to this other thing, I’ve turned into that person who wears tennis shoes with skirts and dresses! Sure makes walking up those hills so much easier.

Item From Made in… BUY
Vince top gift from sister Portugal
Elizabeth and James skirt thrifted China HERE
vintage Ray Ban wayfarer thrifted USA HERE
New Balance sneakers Vietnam HERE

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye

Oversized casual

I told you guys – my fashion sense got flipped upside down since returning from Japan. I used to feel so safe with my shapes and sizes to make me feel comfortable, funky, but yet feminine in my own way. Until I saw how people in Japan embrace interesting shapes in their clothes that aren’t necessarily form fitting (some silhouettes are huge and billowing!) but also risky and fun as the norm. They don’t take huge risks with colors, but more so with the shapes and construction of their garments, which in the end is where you get quality clothes from!

I always felt like I needed to wear a shape that would accentuate my waist and be ultra feminine (I love dresses). But my wardrobe felt very repetitive, and I wanted to add elements to my existing wardrobe that could make it look very different! I had to get creative – and like the last outfit post with the orange dress, this is where the adventurous thrifting came into play. I had everything in this outfit, except the jacket (a recent thrifting find), but I had never worn them together. The big shape of the jacket goes well with the slim skirt – both in complimenting shapes, but somehow the texture of the blue linen jacket and stretchy mesh of the black skirt just seem to work! The “old” me would have thrown on some black flats or boots. But since the “new” me is trying to be more adventurous, I threw on sneakers (I know that’s not groundbreaking), without worrying that it would break the outfit. The funny thing is that this jacket, of whose size I could not capture in one photo (it’s HUGE), actually is part of a set with matching high-waisted linen pants. The pants are really cool, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to wear the two things together :)

Item From Made in… BUY
vintage linen jacket thrifted no tag Similar
Splendid button up USA HERE
Elizabeth & James skirt thrifted China HERE
Superga sneakers Vietnam HERE
vintage Bill Blass watch flea market Japan

Thrift Eye, vintage blue linen, style blogger, mixing blue and black, japanese fashion

Thrift Eye, vintage blue linen, style blogger, mixing blue and black, japanese fashion

Thrift Eye, vintage blue linen, style blogger, mixing blue and black, japanese fashion

Thrift Eye, vintage blue linen, style blogger, mixing blue and black, japanese fashion

Tokyo diaries: first half of trip

I thought it was going to be easy to get back into the swing of things over here, after returning from this trip. Boy, was I wrong. Hello jetlag. Hello catching up to life! Simply put, I fell in love with Tokyo. I would go back in a heartbeat if I could. It was like living in a bizarro world where people were polite, things were clean, people took pride in grooming themselves, items of convenience where everywhere easily accessible, trains ran often and on time, etc. I had (and am still having) some withdrawals and my only solace is to live simply at home and plan my next trip :)

Since I spent a little over a week there, I don’t want to burden you with a post dedicated to each day (I hate when other bloggers do that). I’ll cover the whole thing in two posts, this one dedicated to the first half of the trip! I think I’ll dedicate a whole other post down the road to Tokyo style & shopping, which blew my mind (the shopping there is nothing like what I’m used to!)

We stayed at a charming little Airbnb flat that was very close to Shibuya and still quiet- we considered a hotel for a minute, but almost Airbnb’s we saw had pocket wi-fi’s included (which meant we had mobile maps & internet wherever we went!) and factoring in the kitchen for a long stay, it was definitely a better choice. Being close to Shibuya meant we were walking distance to great shopping, food, nightlife, and major transportation lines. We crossed the Shibuya crossing maybe a total of 20 times our whole trip!! It was amazingly chaotic each time!

View of the giant torii at the Meiji Shrine in Yoyogi Park
near Meiji shrine Yoyogi park

First of yummy snacks to be had!
Snacks in Yoyogi Park

Little did I know that my San Francisco outfits would blend me in seamlessly with the locals!

Item From Made in… BUY
J Crew oversize sweater thrifted China HERE & similar
Three Dots top USA HERE
Elizabeth & James mesh skirt thrifted China HERE
Vintage Ray Ban wayfarer thrifted USA HERE
Keds thrifted (new, hooray!) China blue version HERE

Thrift Eye, what to wear in Tokyo

We cruised around Takeshita Dori in Harajuku just absorbing ALL the people! Cute little shops everywhere
Crepes on Takeshita Dori Harajuku

They really love crepes
Crepes in Harajuku

We saw the Tokyo Rockabilly Club people get down in the park. I don’t want to overload you with pictures of them here, but it was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen in my life!
Tokyo Rockabilly Club

Went to the Imperial Palace only to learn too late you really can’t get in it (basically after walking a large part of the perimeter, oops!)
Imperial Palace Chiyoda

So we walked to Akihabara instead and got our senses blasted by video games and electronics
Akihabara Tokyo

The weather warmed up so I wore this dress, but then felt self conscious by the end of the day. It was definitely a little more skin baring than the locals go

Item From Made in… BUY
no tag black dress borrowed from sister probably China
vintage hat flea market USA
Sam Edelman Petty boots China HERE
cat socks gift probably China HERE

Thrift Eye, what to wear in Tokyo

Thrift Eye, what to wear in Tokyo

Then off to Asakusa where we took a futuristic boat ride down the river, this was the greeting view with the Sky Tree
River views Asakusa Tokyo

Boat dropped us off in Odaiba, which turned out to be super touristy.
Odaiba Tokyo

This giant Gundam statue in Odaiba was worth the boat ride though
Gundam statue Odaiba Tokyo

Another day, we went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building just by chance
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building Shinjuku Tokyo

Turns out this place has THE best views! We later read that they may have some really great food in there too, but we found out after we left!
View from Tokyo Metropolitan Building Shinjuku Tokyo

We walked in, out, and around Shinjuku after. It started to rain off and on so we had to innovate a schedule.

The one and only coat I brought with me was purposely a rain coat! I had to buy this extra bag there to lug around my camera stuff. It became way too heavy to carry in my purse after all the walking!

Item From Made in… BUY
Everlane jacket Buffalo Exchange China HERE
Velvet top USA in blue HERE
J Brand jeans Buffalo Exchange USA
vintage Ray Ban wayfarer thrifted USA
Uniqlo kitty bag Uniqlo China HERE
Madewell purse China
Sam Edelman Petty boots China

Thrift Eye, what to wear in Tokyo

Thrift Eye, what to wear in Tokyo

We went to a cat cafe – turned out to be not as cool as I thought it would be (and I LOVE cats) – was overloaded with tourists
Calico Cat Cafe Shinjuku Tokyo

Shrines hold their own special places amidst the bustle of the city
Hanazono Shrine Shinjuku Tokyo

Had seen so much hoopla about the Junie Moon store online, only to learn they ONLY sell Blythe accesories & clothes, no dolls! Definitely had a Homer DOH moment.
Junie Moon store PARCO

This is definitely just scratching the surface of the first few days. Not pictured are the countless meals (I felt like an idiot taking any food photos in a restaurant, not like US at all where all meals are Instagrammed). Stay tuned for more photos!