Clean lines

Hello December! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving time, I was traveling non-stop but took some time to see the Keith Haring exhibit currently running at the De Young Museum here in San Francisco. It's a must see! I'll share pictures below. These past gloomy days have me dressing like the weather, in a … Continue reading Clean lines

Sewn by my own hands

Over a year ago, when I began to explore to world of responsible fashion after the Bangladeshi clothing factory tragedy - it pushed me to approach this whole thing (both blog and real world-wise) in a more ethical and human way that celebrates the people dressing you, not punishes them. I did this in several … Continue reading Sewn by my own hands

Get off of my cloud

Something about this new short hairdo and my now shorter bangs (hello world, I can see you again!) PLUS the fact that I broke my old sun glasses at the river last weekend, forcing me to rediscover my old Raybans, gives me the urge to dress with a bit more of an old school feel! … Continue reading Get off of my cloud