Style on a dime

When I began my blog, I was all about that thrifting life - I still am, but my style has inevitably changed as I have gotten older and "wiser" with my money. Thus, the thrifty life doesn't have to exclusively exist within a thrift store. I have always been very proud of myself for being … Continue reading Style on a dime

Mix master: how to mix tights and high heels

If you ever see me running around town for an event or party and it's below 75 degrees, chances are you're going to see me wearing tights. And not just any ordinary tights, I love to wear colorful andĀ patternedĀ ones, it makes things more fun right? A while back I went to a wedding and took … Continue reading Mix master: how to mix tights and high heels


I got my first chance to be a godmother this weekend, and I wanted to wear something very girly after my rampage of very retro and tomboy looks these past few months. So I was thrilled to find this pretty dress for a super steal ($30!!) at my favorite store in San Francisco. It was … Continue reading Angelic

A springy pairing

Look familiar? Because really, I love the idea of "variation of a theme," it's similar to the previous outfit post but in a different print and color. I'm also enjoying that my bangs make me look like an extra from Cry Baby. I'm gonna keep working the vampy look until my bangs soon grow right … Continue reading A springy pairing