Shades of San Francisco

I <3 SF. Really. I took half of my California vacation running around LA and Pasadena. The other half in San Francisco, where the rain and fog caught up with us. This time I got to show my mom and Diana around all (well some) of the places and reasons I love this city. We … Continue reading Shades of San Francisco

California Trip: Melrose edition

Recently, the past few visits to California have included pit stops for shopping on Melrose. Maybe more frequently now that the only Fornarina flagship store in the US resides there. They also have a big sale right now FYI. Lots of things 70% off. They had these most amazing white patent leather boots that are … Continue reading California Trip: Melrose edition

The Kitten warrior

I was going to title this something about kitten sacrifice, but then I realized that was just too horrid. This is what we do after work/after school/before going out when we are all at home. We play with the kitties. And we take pictures. Jacket: fornarina on ebay $30 Top: F21 gift from sister Jeans: … Continue reading The Kitten warrior