Inspired by Behind the Candelabra

I'll preface this by saying I haven't fit into this dress in maybe 5 years and it's been hanging on the wall of my bedroom as 'decoration' for the last two - I've recently made a (hopefully) life choice to eliminate bread and eventually all gluten out of my diet. So when we were invited … Continue reading Inspired by Behind the Candelabra

What to wear to weddings

Wedding season is here in full effect, and shortly I will be going to two weddings one week apart (and possibly another in August). I'm feeling a bit confused about what to wear to these weddings because one is in the Bay Area where it will most likely be gloomy and/or chilly and the other … Continue reading What to wear to weddings

Mixing colors

You'll foremost have to excuse my super windswept photos, I cannot believe it was this windy this week! Reminds me of this botched outfit shoot :) I don't get to wear this trench coat very often, mostly because the sleeves are too short or it just never matches what I'm wearing. But I'm going to … Continue reading Mixing colors

Wrappping up

I never thought of myself living in San Francisco, but then again I never thought of myself living in Las Vegas either. This is pretty much the last outfit photo I took in Las Vegas before I left - my boyfriend was doing a special Vegas street style editorial of young girls (that you can … Continue reading Wrappping up