Inspired by Behind the Candelabra

I’ll preface this by saying I haven’t fit into this dress in maybe 5 years and it’s been hanging on the wall of my bedroom as ‘decoration’ for the last two – I’ve recently made a (hopefully) life choice to eliminate bread and eventually all gluten out of my diet. So when we were invited to a Behind the Candelabra viewing party, I had initially concocted some Liberace lounging 70’s leisure suit homage type of outfit. But I then looked at the dress that had been hanging and decided to try it on. And it finally fit. I first had my doubts, but when else would I get to wear this awesome monstrosity ever again if not to a Liberace party?!

Thrift Eye

Thrift Eye


Dress: Vintage thrifted. Tights: Henry Holland for Pretty Polly. Booties: Fornarina.

The glittery star tights were the perfect touch! And the dress is now back up hanging where it was before.

The movie itself was pretty sad (for all parties involved) but it was interesting to see my old local Vegas.

What to wear to weddings

Wedding season is here in full effect, and shortly I will be going to two weddings one week apart (and possibly another in August). I’m feeling a bit confused about what to wear to these weddings because one is in the Bay Area where it will most likely be gloomy and/or chilly and the other is an evening wedding in Southern California where it will probably be very warm. Not only that, I’m starting to feel that my dresses just aren’t dressy enough anymore. I used to “dress up” more when I lived in Las Vegas, now I dress up casually and really have nothing to dress up fancy for anymore. I’m not sure how to explain it.

But it also may have something to do with not having gone to a wedding in a very long time. I have one dress that I really want to wear because I like it, but it’s white, and I don’t want to be the pooper that wears the white dress to a wedding. I have been looking for dresses to buy but nothing really stands out, so I think I’ll stick to what I already have. And I’ve narrowed it down to these choices  of dresses and shoes, but willing to mix up the shoes. Maybe you guys can help me decide what to wear, I wouldn’t be opposed to wear the same dress to two weddings either since the two weddings do not overlap guests.

A strapless Ali Ro dress from Jeremy’s San Francisco and Fornarina snake heels from when I worked at Fornarina. I’ve worn the dress before here, but only with a top under because I was cold. I like the idea of mixing up the patterns.
Thrift Eye

An Anna Sui dress thrifted by my mom and Fornarina booties from the Fornarina store on Melrose. I wore this dress a few years ago here on my birthday. I really love this dress but it feels a little too covered up?
Thrift Eye

Dries van Noten heels from Nordstrom Rack and I’ve worn this Richard Chai for Target dress several times, my favorite of which was here. But is wearing Target to a wedding dress way too casual or am I just crazy?
Thrift Eye

Leifsdottir dress from Jeremy’s San Francisco and Yves Saint Laurent heels from Rose Bowl Flea Market. I haven’t worn this dress at all yet and I really want to, but the straps are very awkwardly placed, I want to move them a little bit over before I wear it.
Thrift Eye

And I’m starting to see how everything is black or purple! I still have some time and may go look for another dress if the price is right. Then I’ll need to pick my accessories, shouldn’t this have gotten easier as I get older? And Diana, my sister :) if you see this, tell me what you think!

Mixing colors

You’ll foremost have to excuse my super windswept photos, I cannot believe it was this windy this week! Reminds me of this botched outfit shoot :)

I don’t get to wear this trench coat very often, mostly because the sleeves are too short or it just never matches what I’m wearing. But I’m going to make it a point to wear it more often (especially since I now have gloves that are long enough to cover up the shortness of the sleeves). It’s just hard to wear a trench and not feel like a spy or lawyer (am I crazy for thinking this? Inspector Gadget?)

004 copy

009 copy

Oh how I loved hiding this bright outfit under this coat, I felt like a flasher, no one was expecting this combination of colors.

019 copy

About to be blown away

012 copy

014 copy

015 copy

Trench: Vintage Burberry from Buffalo Exchange Las Vegas. Sweater: Kate Spade from outdoor swapmeet. Dress: Vintage St. John thrifted. Tights: Hue. Shoes: Fornarina on Melrose. Watch: Target.

Something about the combination of colors that felt SO unexpected, but then maybe felt so right! Do you have a tried and true unconventional color combination that you love to wear over and over?! Please share :)

Wrappping up

I never thought of myself living in San Francisco, but then again I never thought of myself living in Las Vegas either. This is pretty much the last outfit photo I took in Las Vegas before I left – my boyfriend was doing a special Vegas street style editorial of young girls (that you can check out HERE) and I tagged along. Las Vegas is notorious for a stereotype of glitz and gaudy but honestly, very few people are like that, let alone off the strip. The style is eclectic but modern I would say, and there are lots of people who do the vintage look, as well as a very retro/rockabilly style too. San Francisco has everything, from uptown, vintage, hipster, I don’t give a F going on. The style is more diverse than anywhere I’ve seen before, and I really like that.

On Las Vegas Blvd….
Thrift Eye

Trench: vintage Burberry from Buffalo Exchange. Dress: See by Chloe from Buffalo Exchange. Tights: No name. Shoes: Fornarina booties from Fornarina on Melrose. Clutch: Felix Ray for Target from sister Diana. Watch: Target.

I’m starting to get nostalgic about Las Vegas all over again.Another thing about San Francisco that will strange to adjust to is wearing heels. I’ve seen girls doing it but I seriously think it will be a long time for me to wear heels here – there are way too many hills here, and the hazards of falling are just too close for me. I’ll stick to my flat or low heels for a bit.

I’ve jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and I’m in total love! I usually save all the interesting photos I find in one big folder on my desktop, this actually makes more sense for me.And better organized to boot!


Let me know if you would like an invite, all I need is your email.And last but not least, I feel really inspired by this outer space print. But cannot find anything I can afford in it…for right now I will dream

Outer Space

Outer Space by thrifteye featuring mini dresses

What’s currently inspiring you?