Something old and something new

Something old: Some days I have to withdraw some really old books, mostly because they're falling apart or really damaged. It's bittersweet because they don't make books anymore like they used to. Old books really take beatings from kids. Now they fall apart after being checked out two or three times. So when it was … Continue reading Something old and something new

Remix: grey and green day

Another remix post. I've often thought about this outfit and how I would never wear it in that incarnation ever again. Too many tight things at the same time. Not to mention that the jeans have gone to denim heaven. I have been looking for a way to wear this skirt, which is very different … Continue reading Remix: grey and green day


I found this deliciously wooly cable knit fisherman's sweater recently while thrifting. I'd previously tried for months to find one. It wasn't until I switched gears and began looking in the men's section instead of the women's, that I found it! Adding it with this wool/angora blend skirt kind of makes this one of the … Continue reading Wooly

Treasure Island

I have never been one of those people that love going to outdoor music festivals - I feel crowded and claustrophobic that I'd much rather stay at home. But I was surprised with a ticket to the Treasure Island Music Fest, I guess as a gift to take a break from my portfolio (still working … Continue reading Treasure Island