Coming soon…more photos from Mexico Carbon footstep 2011

Carbon footstep 2011 Myself: Myself : Billabong, free from Swap, Denim: Fornarina, Flats: Ash from swapmeet, Bag: Lesportsac, birthday present Diana (hi Diana!) Not sure what's she's wearing, maybe she'll leave me a comment and tell me. Our inspiration? Be as comfortable as possible while walking long distances in the heat and easily jumpable into … Continue reading Coming soon…more photos from Mexico Carbon footstep 2011

What happens when you mix girls, a studio, a rainy day, and a photographer? A long night with lots of laughs like this one perhaps. You might have seen a little preview over at their blogs - but Elisabeth, Becca, Elena and I all rounded up some wishful Spring thinking outfits and had my boyfriend … Continue reading

Longest week Ever!

Don't know if any of you can feel my pain, I know things could be much worse, and am thankful how things are but geez did I have a super busy week with finishing up assignments, finding a Halloween costume, making my way to San Francisco, insurance claims, work, errands, etc! As I write this … Continue reading Longest week Ever!

Summer Madness

I'm pretty excited and glad that the summer is over - it's still hot in Vegas of course, but it doesn't have that same burning bite that it did before. I can live with that, just not the scorching part. Instead of outfit photos this week I mad a little video :) Top: Urban Outfitters … Continue reading Summer Madness