Wintery words

You don't really need another person telling you how cold it is right? (I will tell you that unseen are a layer of leggings and thermal tops underneath to keep me from freezing). So this wooly coat in a fun print with a fur hood has been my saving grace these past few days. Hat: … Continue reading Wintery words

Remix : country chic

Another remix post here: I can remember the first time I wore this outfit very clearly - I wore it to work all day and then to drive to LA from Vegas. Not the most comfortable of driving outfits, nor the most appropriate for work. Now I'd wear it out to hang out with friends … Continue reading Remix : country chic

Lost In Translation

Foremost, I want to thank every single one of you again who wished me well. I've been brought back into reality like when I first moved to Las Vegas - getting lost trying to figure out where you are, trying to find where you're supposed to be going, finding equivalents to your old haunts, and … Continue reading Lost In Translation

This summer

This summer will be about... ...embracing shorts, must convince myself that shorts are not the work of the devil ...going to the beach as much as possible, I've already gone twice ...wearing sunblock as much as possible ...spending as much time with friends possible, most likely the last summer I will spend in Las Vegas … Continue reading This summer