Weekend casual gets more casual

I don't know about you guys, but do you ever have moments when you put on an outfit and think you're ready to go but then you have a second thought? I put this outfit on, felt good, I'd been wanting to wear these shoes for a while (they were a hand me down from … Continue reading Weekend casual gets more casual

Remix : country chic

Another remix post here: I can remember the first time I wore this outfit very clearly - I wore it to work all day and then to drive to LA from Vegas. Not the most comfortable of driving outfits, nor the most appropriate for work. Now I'd wear it out to hang out with friends … Continue reading Remix : country chic

Denim does it

Again, here I am attracted to super simple outfits with a tomboy twist. It's my go to style this summer (who am I kidding, for this whole year so far). I also like that this outfit is very "going back to school" too :) The bright color of these jeans also made me forget that … Continue reading Denim does it

After 5

It's absolutely incredible what you can do with your life when school is over and you're only working 1 job instead of 2! I forgot what real life was like. I dragged myself happily downtown the other day to the Banana Republic After 5 event. I didn't get any shots inside the store cause I … Continue reading After 5