Marimekko style

I'm not sure how long ago it took me to realize this, it must have been after what felt like the 100th BIG BOX STORE and SMALL BRAND collaboration. I quickly realized I could find the real deal much cheaper most of the time. I'm fairly certain it was right after the Missoni x Target … Continue reading Marimekko style

Urban hiking outfit

I didn't expect to take such a long break between posts - I have been drafting a very long 10 year anniversary post for myself, that's taking longer than expected. But I've also recently re-joined a gym, trying to get some strength on my body. All of a sudden, two weeks went by incredibly quickly. … Continue reading Urban hiking outfit

Old and new

We couldn't wait until Spring over here to clean out our closets. The cleaning started early to ring in the new year. After two weeks of nonstop rain, we came to the sad realization that our overstuffed closets were perfect breeding grounds for dampness that could only be remedied by getting rid of stuff. I … Continue reading Old and new

Remix : country chic

Another remix post here: I can remember the first time I wore this outfit very clearly - I wore it to work all day and then to drive to LA from Vegas. Not the most comfortable of driving outfits, nor the most appropriate for work. Now I'd wear it out to hang out with friends … Continue reading Remix : country chic