Halloween costume ideas: Amelie

I’m so overjoyed by the overwhelmingly positive feedback I have gotten about this Halloween series. Very happy that there are many Halloween lovers out there like me :) This whole project was two-fold. I wanted to show that you can construct many costumes with items right out of your closet if you use a little imagination – but the other goal was to explore the depths of and experimenting with photography. Especially since I haven’t had a moment to breathe this year, let alone enjoy photography like I used to. Thank you for coming along on this ride!

SO, for the very last costume I decided to become the ever charming character of Amelie – Amelie is a shy but imaginative persona that decides to pay it forward, but also deal with her own issues in her own way. I realize that I need to see this movie again ASAP!

Sweater: Thrifted cardigan. Lip color: BareMinerals Dare Devil.

film costume, amelie costume, halloween costume, short hair costume

film costume, amelie costume, halloween costume, short hair costume

Happy Halloween!

Halloween costume ideas: bloody ghost

I’m not typically one to lean towards the spooky costumes – I’ll leave the zombies, witches, and creeps to others. But I thought it would be fun to channel a ghost crying blood. If I still had my long hair, I would have made the perfect Victorian ghost – but I don’t, so I can’t. (sort of like when I wore this dress last Halloween!)With this costume, I also somehow end up looking like an Anime character that I can’t put my finger on!

Caution, keep fake blood out of your eyes obviously :)

Dress: Vince, thrifted . My lipstick is actually a Benefit concealer!

crying blood, crying ghost, bloody ghost, ghost costume, poltergeist costume, halloween costume

Good luck walking around all Halloween with your eyes rolled to the back of your head though ;)

Halloween costume ideas: Patti Smith

I’ll keep this post short and sweet, hoping the mimicking of this iconic photograph/album cover says it all. Patti Smith is an interesting character I’ve admired for her work in music and outside of it. Here is my homage to her.

Top: thrifted, here’s a nice one by American Apparel. Jacket: Uniqlo thrifted.

Patti smith Halloween costume

Halloween costume ideas: black cat

I recently came across this pin that inspired me to dress up as a black cat – this will probably what I wear to work (I love dressing up for Halloween at work, but don’t enjoy when I’m the only one who does it!). I didn’t want to go out and buy cat ears that I’d never use again, so I figured this American Apparel twist scarf would do the job!

black cat costume

Do you dress up for Halloween at work? I’ve had some years where I totally was the only one wearing a full on costume (including wig) and it was a really hilarious but awkward day!