Great Outdoors

It's no secret, we love walking through neighborhoods - much like other SF'ers...there is lot's of walking to be done and lot's of things to see. We like walking through the Haight Ashbury area because you pass it on the way to Golden Gate park. If the buildings don't amaze you, all the people watching … Continue reading Great Outdoors

Lost In Translation

Foremost, I want to thank every single one of you again who wished me well. I've been brought back into reality like when I first moved to Las Vegas - getting lost trying to figure out where you are, trying to find where you're supposed to be going, finding equivalents to your old haunts, and … Continue reading Lost In Translation

Sin City

Vegas is a strange animal that I constantly get asked about when people find out "YOU LIVE IN LAS VEGAS?!" Yes, people live here and we all don't work at a casino, surprise! If you ever have any questions about LV, feel free to ask me and I'll answer them to the best of my … Continue reading Sin City

Longest week Ever!

Don't know if any of you can feel my pain, I know things could be much worse, and am thankful how things are but geez did I have a super busy week with finishing up assignments, finding a Halloween costume, making my way to San Francisco, insurance claims, work, errands, etc! As I write this … Continue reading Longest week Ever!