Porcelain toile

So I've written about this dress here, but a very long time ago. I had it imprinted into my memory, after seeing someone else wear it online back in the early years of fashion/style blogging (I hunted down the image from 2007 here, on the Cherry Blossom Girl's blog). Once I had seen it, I … Continue reading Porcelain toile

Back to school, back to the office

My summer vacation has had a nice run and will soon be coming to an end. I work for a school district, so it's back to school for me soon and I'm getting awful flashbacks of being a kid again (but really, will also going back to school to finish up my last semester of … Continue reading Back to school, back to the office

A Velvet Underground

It's not really the time to wear velvet, but if not now, then maybe never. I found this dress as Buffalo Exchange, and it reminded me of this old Fornarina studded velvet dress that I really liked but was never able to get. So for our First Friday I decided to wear this...it made the … Continue reading A Velvet Underground


Kick off with a little news, happy new year to all. I got to spend this past week with a good mix of friends and family after a two weekends in a row trip to California which has left me exhausted! A little bit of housekeeping, remember that my comments are left at the top … Continue reading Hiding