When you want to wear your Summer dress in Winter

I’ve made a lot of weather compromises this Winter – which has forced me to wear the same boots and pants to combat the rain & cold. Doesn’t make for great outfit photos to share. The other day, I said to myself “THAT’S ENOUGH!” I decided to wear this dress I’ve had hanging for way too long, that’s for warmer weather (both in fabric and color) and figure out how to wear it for winter.

This Sonia Rykiel dress is a beautiful silky goodness that was too gorgeous to pass up at the thrift store (YES! This is indeed a thrift store find.) The bright colors reminded me too much of my dream Marc Jacobs dress, and I loved how the cotton fabric at the bottom contrasted the silk fabric from the top. I can already see myself wearing this dress in August with a bright hat, except it’s January and freezing for us here. So the easiest fix was to wear this dress with my black fleece lined tights and a turtleneck for maximum warmth.

Item From Made in… BUY
Sonia Rykiel dress thrifted Portugal
H&M turtleneck very old H&M China
fleece lined tights Crossroads Trading China HERE
Dolce Vita boots Shopbop.com China
vintage Swatch watch flea market Switzerland
Sashi ring (can barely see it!) Shopbop.com USA HERE

Thrift Eye, style blogger, how to wear a summer dress in the winter, striped dress, Sonia Rykiel dress

Thrift Eye, style blogger, how to wear a summer dress in the winter, striped dress, Sonia Rykiel dress

Thrift Eye, style blogger, how to wear a summer dress in the winter, striped dress, Sonia Rykiel dress

Bundling up

So I finally had to do it, I moved my photos indoors because getting up early to photograph before the sunset just became too tedious this winter. THEN the rains came, which has rendered outdoor photography pretty impossible. I’ve been going to work in boots nonstop – and when I do wear flats, I’ve worn my rubber boots for the commute and change out when I get there.

I also finally forced myself to get a haircut – my usual lady kept giving me this flippy hair-do which wasn’t awful, but not what I would ask her for. So on a whim, I went to my mom’s not-fancy-at-all lady that had given me a decent bob years ago. I finally have grown out my bangs and wanted to have my hair almost all the same length, with a bit longer in the front. She actually did it really well! Because I wear my hair curly and straight, it’s just always a struggle. I’m hoping to just let this grow out for a long time so I don’t have to worry about it.

Because it is a new year and I’ve challenged myself to wear things I never dreamt wearable for my body, and I kinda fell in love with this new dress. Another vintage Ann Taylor Made in USA dress like this one I wore before. I used to be afraid of wearing long dresses, but I’m learning to get over that!

Item From Made in… BUY
Splendid moto jacket Shopbop.com USA HERE
H&M turtleneck old H&M China
vintage Ann Taylor dress thrifted USA
vintage hat flea market USA
Dolce Vita boots Shopbop.com China

Thrift Eye, vintage Ann Taylor dress, striped maxi dress, Splendid moto jacket, style blogger

Thrift Eye, vintage Ann Taylor dress, striped maxi dress, Splendid moto jacket, style blogger

Thrift Eye, vintage Ann Taylor dress, striped maxi dress, Splendid moto jacket, style blogger

New Year, New You

First post of the year, and I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog. I’ve had such kind comments and conversations with amazing people through this blog that I don’t think I could have reached otherwise. And I am excited for the future-

042 copy

I mad the announcement on Twitter, but have yet to here. And after much toiling, I decided the best decision for me was to move. I now live in San Francisco instead of Las Vegas – it was a pretty difficult decision because of the routine I had set up there. But since I am not even from there originally, and the reasons I went there in the first place never fleshed out, I felt that after five years I had had my fill. I will definitely miss some things like the conveniences, my former job, everything downtown, and the people I love there. But not the city’s douche-bags, junkies, bad drivers, local government, awful laws, hopelessness, among other little things. It was a great city while it lasted, and will be visiting here and there. So I think I’ll be tri-city for a bit between SF, Vegas, and when I visit my family in Southern California. Just bear with me in this new adventure as I figure things out!
I took the above photo today while just wandering around the city by myself – being in Las Vegas always felt like being a tourist in your own city; being in San Francisco is that times ten. I really feel like I’m just going to go home at the end of the week and things will be back to how they were. But I am super excited to get used to all of these new places and meet new people, and feel like a local again. Yes yes, all of this after I had gone through the trouble of showing you all where I lived. After the photos I had to dismantle and paint the whole thing! The place had a very modern charm – where we are now has a distinct SF vintage quality to it, so I’ll try to share photos in the future when we figure things out.
Our NYE was quite uneventful. We kind of wandered around the streets trying to meet up with people to only lose track of time, we missed any sort of midnight count down. And really only got to take a few photos. These two
034 copy
Top: H&m turtleneck. Dress: Norma Kamali
040 copy
Sweater: Alexander Wang

Diana is supposed to start blogging here with me if she decides to figure it out ;)So far the biggest adjustment has been switching from the 24hr lifestyle in Vegas to normal operating hours of everywhere else (you don’t know how awesome it is to go grocery store shopping at 1am until you’ve lived it). And going from driving everywhere to lots of walking and using public transportation – I love it!

(PS. Because of the move I had to postpone announcing the Kenneth Cole giveaway. Congrats to Nicolette, I drew numbers and you won! I’ll be contacting you shortly)

How was your NYE? Have you ever been to San Francisco?

What does your soul look like?

I’ve had some really good shopping karma in the past few weeks – but I’ve finally come to the point to where my mantra is quality over quantity – about half of my wardrobe has been disposed of. Lot’s of things that I sort of liked and never wore, and things I never wore in general are all gone! It’s all at the Las Vegas Buffalo Exchange, the thrift store by my house, and at a women’s shelter. Hopefully someone else will make more use of what I couldn’t.

That being said, I kept in mind there are things that don’t necessarily need to be gotten rid of. I have a few articles of clothing my mom gave to me, I just wish she had saved more. Gosh I would love to be able to do the same in the future! There are just some items you can’t dispose of because of value, be it monetary or sentimental. I really don’t know where I’m going with this since I first started typing. But anyway, in this outfit I’m wearing one of the items I’ve found recently that is probably going to be in my wardrobe forever now.

027 copy

Top: H&m turtleneck. Skirt: Jil Sander from Buffalo Exchange. Heels: Yves Saint Laurent from Rose Bowl Flea Market.

036 copy
The best part is that I spent a total of $50 on the top, skirt, and shoes if I were to add it all up. So I feel very grateful to have what I have, but not sacrificing my soul to wear expensive clothes. This is a very minimalistic look for me. I don’t think I’ve worn a skirt this long since I was a child but I’m really digging it right now. Started out the night with my shirt tucked in, but could no longer take it by the end of the night. I need to hit the gym again.

030 copy
As for the title of this post, nothing deep or theoretical this time. Just the name of a DJ Shadow song, one that I was listening to at 5am today while I was driving back to Las Vegas from California. There are many versions of the song, love them all, have a listen yourself.

The whole reason I wore this was for a new event they are trying to wrangle up for Downtown LV, the best part was this troupe of bananas walking down Fremont Street!

050 copy

What is there to do in your town? Random nights like this sums up what its like living in Las Vegas!