Little Red Beret

I made a mistake a few years ago. I stupidly donated my red beret thinking I'd never wear one again. Why?! Don't even ask me, I can't remember. But here I am sitting years later, early this month kicking myself because I REALLY needed one again. I should know better than to get rid of … Continue reading Little Red Beret

Season transitions

I'm so happy about all the Halloween feedback I got from you guys, great comments on Instagram! :) It took a lot of work to put all the supplies together, shoot, edit, and post. So now I'm glad that's behind me. I've been taking it easy! I'm actually super excited about my wardrobe, because I've … Continue reading Season transitions


Our weather has been doing all sorts of fun things lately. We went from 90 degree weather to windy rain in a span of two days - September is typically the beginning of the Bay Area summer, I had my fall things put away. But now, I'm pulling the sweaters out again. So a simple … Continue reading Polka

Light summer layers

Weird weather (and lack of water) up and down California has left all us dressing in all sorts of different forms. This has been the summer of weird weather. While we've gotten no rain in San Francisco - we have gotten just about everything else (other parts of California are randomly getting drenched then getting … Continue reading Light summer layers