Porcelain toile

So I've written about this dress here, but a very long time ago. I had it imprinted into my memory, after seeing someone else wear it online back in the early years of fashion/style blogging (I hunted down the image from 2007 here, on the Cherry Blossom Girl's blog). Once I had seen it, I … Continue reading Porcelain toile

Shades of green

Sooo...I owned (yes, past tense) only one black belt. Because why would you need more than one? And then...it disappeared. I can't find it. I don't know if I lost it while traveling. Maybe I threw it away on accident. Something so simple as a belt can change an outfit. I'm not in a rush … Continue reading Shades of green

Patterns, colors, and textures in your wardrobe

So ever since I had a breakthrough about shopping responsibly, I have instead tried to shift focus on the things I do have and forcing myself to begin thinking outside of the box and wear my clothes in ways I don't typically wear. For example, I've showcased how I've ended up wearing this outfit four … Continue reading Patterns, colors, and textures in your wardrobe

City legs

There is something about wandering around in the city that can feel so amazing. The hustle and bustle of strangers on their way, to and fro, makes for incredible people browsing while killing time. The city life frightens some people, I don't mind it once in a while (though I'm glad to live in a … Continue reading City legs