Little Red Beret

I made a mistake a few years ago. I stupidly donated my red beret thinking I'd never wear one again. Why?! Don't even ask me, I can't remember. But here I am sitting years later, early this month kicking myself because I REALLY needed one again. I should know better than to get rid of … Continue reading Little Red Beret

Spring transition

There's something awesome but frustrating about dressing for this season - you're just stuck! Not really Winter or Spring. So you just go with the flow. I recently found this electric blue dress that's really adding a pop of color to my everyday wardrobe. So this weather called for this scarf shawl thing that's almost … Continue reading Spring transition

For a warm commute

I have noticed this weird thing with my morning commute to work, especially now that it's been cold. I have a new route I take, which makes me ride a bus filled to the gills with people the duration of my ride (about 20 minutes spent standing like sardines in a can.) And it has … Continue reading For a warm commute

Orla Kiely dressed down

The previous post I showed off my super-duper Orla Kiely outfit that was print crazy! Now I wear the same print top but in a completely different way - better for the winter weather! It would look like I'm wearing black socks, but I'm actually wearing fleece lined tights underneath my pants after the weather … Continue reading Orla Kiely dressed down