Weekend casual gets more casual

I don't know about you guys, but do you ever have moments when you put on an outfit and think you're ready to go but then you have a second thought? I put this outfit on, felt good, I'd been wanting to wear these shoes for a while (they were a hand me down from … Continue reading Weekend casual gets more casual

Pants of color

When your "pops of color" are your pants, does it even count as a pop anymore? Now that I'm back in the public library (as opposed to library behind the scenes), it is crucial to be comfortable when you're on your feet, up and down from the desk all day. Flats are my new best … Continue reading Pants of color

Red and white from day to night

What's happened to me?! I've gone red crazy!! Not so long after stating I'm not sure how I feel about the color red in my wardrobe it has started popping up everywhere! I think red is going to be my 2014 color instead for sure :) I wore this mostly white outfit to stroll around … Continue reading Red and white from day to night

A new printed pant

Per my previous outfit post, finding pants that fit and aren't black, is my latest obsession. Furthermore, they have to be able to successfully transition between work and non-work outfits. So when I found these fun Jcrew pants at Crossroads a while back, I couldn't believe someone would get rid of brand new pants with … Continue reading A new printed pant